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  1. MKV Tuners in Phoenix?

    Personally I live downtown. But as of late most of the tuning I have been doing has been down in Tuscon due to the lack of import focused shops in the valley. =(
  2. Arizona Supra Club

    We can always just setup another drive... Maybe after tx2k? I'll be pretty busy until then unfortunately.
  3. MKV Tuners in Phoenix?

    I actually am located in Phoenix. ✌ We also have a partner shop in Tucson as well! :) I get a bit busy and am a tad slow on forum messages if your message is on Facebook or Instagram we are a bit more responsive! @MarinTuned Http://
  4. Ecutek Kit for sale

    Just as a heads up; if the EcuTek license was installed in the ecu it is not re-sell-able. Some people think that the USB key is the vehicle license but this is just a security key to open the software for programming. If the license was not installed then it would be usable. You can view the...
  5. My new commuter car done

    I honestly dont know why the BMW diesel platforms are not more popular. Americans just seem to not like the diesel platforms. You can make so much power and have such a fun & economical vehicle. I have a friend who has a diesel setup with a nice little nitrous setup and he used to keep up pretty...
  6. 2021 Supra 2.0 Tunes

    We have the capability to tune these on multiple platforms. For those interested we would be more than happy to give a discounted rate so that way can improve our basemaps. Feel free to toss me a message! =)
  7. OpenFlash Stage 1 ECU Tune Development (2021 Supra)

    I wish i had more information. However the teams I work with that try to work on this haven't given me any new updates. I'll check back in a few weeks but it could be 2-3 months, could be 12 months. What I will say is that other ecu's in other cars are starting to pop up. I am researching a new...
  8. CEL from Catless Downpipe

    It took me an entire week to get a check engine light on mine with no spacer... I havent heard of these working at all on this platform to be honest.
  9. Arizona Mt. Lemmon Cruise 11-21-2020

    Harrison found some axles, and my customers haven't gotten back to me so im heading to Tucson to tune a supra & 370z over at Harrison Friday and then ill throw an axle in my car. Ill be there Saturday! =D
  10. Arizona Mt. Lemmon Cruise 11-21-2020

    Alright so i have 2 customers pending that if they will let us remote tune or come down in 2 weeks ill be going. I'll have to overnight an axle likely since our new prototype axles haven't shown up yet. But ill be bringing Harrison with me, and a few of the cards they built will be coming as...
  11. 2021+ A91 Pure 800

    It is the same as turbos have done for many many years. It is a simple dump into the downpipe. It simply bypasses the compressor inside of the turbine exhaust housing. These cars use an electronic wastegate that opens and closes it so it can precisely know how many MM it is open.
  12. CEL from Catless Downpipe

    Usually the tune runs "okay" but at higher speeds I have seen a drivetrain warning thrown for the tune being a bit too far out of spec. I drove for a solid week on a stock tune with a downpipe at one point because I forgot to flash my file due to being so busy.
  13. 2021+ A91 Pure 800

    This is incorrect. People have been tuning these for months now. =) (I just barely saw this post, sorry)
  14. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Most probably locked. Every ECU ive had after 6/10/2020 could not be unlocked.
  15. Arizona Supra Club

    Heya everyone! I just wanted to mention that I have been doing a lot of work with the folks over at Harrison Performance in Tucson AZ. Ive been living in a hotel for the past two months traveling for work and have been spending lots of time working with them and actually out racing with them...
  16. Arizona Mt. Lemmon Cruise 11-21-2020

    So if our prototype axles come in before then.... I went ahead and tried to postpone my Sacramento trip so that I can come say hi =D. My Supra is actually sitting at Harrison Performance in Tucson right now. We broke two sets of axles doing some R&D runs on two of our Supras and we are waiting...
  17. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Yes you will need a bench unlock. I can send you a message about pricing. We are going to be doing some black friday specials on the majority of our tuning, and unlocks will be included. =)
  18. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    The Ecu would require a bench unlock. I would verify the the datestamp on the DME/ECU its self. You can slide it up 2-3 inches without disconnecting anything. If its older than 06/01/20 i should be able to unlock it via a bench tool. That version should be older than that.
  19. Injen Evolution Intake with Verus Turbo Heatshield

    I don't imagine there being a fitment issue with the heat shield. It fits snug against the turbo.