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  1. Car excessively burning oil?

    😆 Well, my lower performance engine puts 500 whp since 1300 miles and yet 0 oil consumption (now 6400, changed the oil at 4300). Whatever, I don't care, I am just pointing out that the 2020 and even tuned 2020 doesn't have this "not a problem" thing of "normal oil consumption", that's all...
  2. Car excessively burning oil?

    If people want to put blinders, fine, it's their car, they can think that they want. For people saying that this is normal, and BMW said so, etc. How come it doesn't happen on the 2020 B58? If your claim is true, then there would be a similar number of 2020 owners reporting the same issue, and...
  3. Car excessively burning oil?

    Just keep in mind, if you move to thicker oil, you may need to wait a bit more to get the oil to operative temperature. Remember the S54 back in the day? Most people reported issues with the bearings, the oil was very thick 10w-60. It was first apparent in the E46 M3, and it really never went...
  4. Phantom Matte Gray Owners, Manifest Yourself

    I went full retard without PPF. All the chips hit the front bumper, not the hood or the sides, so I am "okay" with it, maybe 900 dlls in a couple years for a replacement.
  5. Bm3 Stage 2 OTS to Ecutek ? Worth it ?

    For me having the rom files in my PC is the real deal, if the BM3 servers go down, anything, you won't have access to your tunes. Maybe I am too old school.
  6. Clunk from center console every 45 seconds.

    Mine does the same thing, it's annoying. From day 1 it does that, I just don't care now.
  7. BM3 License $350

    Thanks! the process went' very smoothly, sold!
  8. BM3 License $350

    Still available.
  9. BM3 License $350

    Hi, I moved to Ecutek, never done this before, I reverted to stock and flashed with Ecutek, I would follow the steps to move this to the new owner, $350 sounds fair. Thanks
  10. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Yes, in every video and in every post, there is always this guy with the same comments: Nice BMW Nice Zupra It's a BMW No 2JZ no real Supra It's like the retarded kid repeating the jokes that everyone already know. Even in the Nissan Z Proto video I saw some comments like "This is a true...
  11. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    Beware, this can't be unseen.
  12. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    My Supra was tuned by Marin and I am in CA also. Nothing to worry about, the car feel like stock but stronger, and Marin will work with you to have the map working to your needs. As for torque and HP, I can only speak from the logs, but with E50 the peak was 750 Nm of torque and like ~430 kW...
  13. A word of caution for meth injection sprayed through the throttle body...

    Not to scare people or trying to cause panic or judge people using this setup. Just sharing some information, that may be useful. This fellow blown his B58, the culprit seems to be running lean in some cylinders while spraying meth: This is the main reason I would go port injection instead...
  14. Want more turbo noise and sounds .. what intake sounds best ?

    Hi, I happen to have both, the MST and the Eventuri and made a video on the Eventuri installation: As you can see, doesn't sound that much, same as stock or even less. I am working to create the same exact video but for the MST. The MST sounds way way more if you open the cap. When you...
  15. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I may be one of those fools who buys everything to try and see the differences. I bought the MST first and now the Eventuri from the video. The Eventuri sounds just like the stock airbox, maybe even less. The MST is very loud if you open the cap, like the sound of air coming out through the...
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Even the 285 r888rs feel strange above 120 mph.
  17. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I just installed the Eventuri Intake:
  18. Pure 800 on Bm3

    That would be stretching it a bit don't you think? Most likely he will run into limp mode all the time.
  19. Bootmod3 Tune? Thoughts?

    Hi, actually I have a license, I can sell it to you at a discount, I no longer need it, DM me if you are interested. As for the question, the OTS maps from BM3 are good, the problem I had was the bad CA gas we have, so the OTS tune from BM3 was pulling time, but then they released a new map for...
  20. 2021 Supra stock at quaker city 1/4 slips

    Good time! my best stock was 12.7, and when I say my best, was my only shot, a lot of people that day: My trap was 112 mph, it was a cold day, that helps.