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  1. Black Friday/Weekend Super Sale!!!

    We are having a huge sale on our Supra Dual Exit Catback. This the highest quality, best sounding and performing catback on the market today. Bolts up to a stock downpipe or aftermarket downpipe. We are only doing this deal for Friday/Sat/Sun. YOU WILL NEVER FIND A DEAL THIS GOOD ON EXHAUST FOR...
  2. New Supra Exhaust $1,399

    More systems shipping this week.
  3. New Supra Exhaust $1,399

    Huge difference. Its basically running a muffler vs not running a muffler. You always want a straight through design muffler on a turbo car. Our mufflers provide great sound quality and keeps the noise down while providing great performance.
  4. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    All current orders shipping this week!
  5. New Supra Exhaust $1,399

    Thanks for all the new orders. We will be shipping them out this week!
  6. Youtubers Rebuilding Wrecked Supras

    Those are some cool videos on rebuilding a Supra.
  7. New Supra Exhaust $1,399

    We are new to the market so we offering low prices to get the products out there. You can't get any higher quality then what we are offering. Completely tig-welded T-304 stainless steel Smooth mandrel bends Made in the USA High Performance straight thru mufflers (Sound and Perform great)
  8. New Supra Exhaust $1,399

    Yes, it can fit with a catless downpipe. It will just be a little louder.
  9. New Supra Exhaust $1,399

    Guys, we have decided to do a huge group buy on a newly re-designed Supra catback exhaust. This is a super high quality system and a direct bolt-on featuring the following. If you are interested in purchasing please text me at 619-248-6944. Contact me for downpipe prices as well. These prices...
  10. Brand New Exhaust, Need Everyone's Opinion?

    It sounds amazing and the performance is also amazing. The look is very clean and professional with the least amount of bends possible.
  11. NEW!!!! HKS Carbon Ti Dual Turbo Back Exhaust System

    We discontinued the HKS Carbon muffler system with the drastic angle exit because we couldn't get enough interest in it. We have a new re-designed system that looks a lot cleaner and will perform as good or better than anything on the market at a group buy price that won't break the bank.
  12. Brand New Exhaust, Need Everyone's Opinion?

    New Supra Exhaust Sound Clips Just a quick video with some cell phone footage so you guys can hear how good it sounds.
  13. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    I sent you a DM with a link and the prices.
  14. Brand New Exhaust, Need Everyone's Opinion?

    It is our own mufflers that we build in-house. Straight through design, stainless steel, tig welded and amazing sound quality.
  15. Brand New Exhaust, Need Everyone's Opinion?

    I am really happy with the way the exhaust came out. We will be starting a new thread with super low prices for our first group buy. This exhaust sounds amazing and looks super clean.
  16. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    Thanks we are really happy with the way it came out the second time around and the group buy prices we are able to offer now are really good.
  17. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    They are dual walled Stainless polished tips. They are 4" tips for a clean look, but can use bigger tips if requested for a little extra cost.
  18. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    We just completely re-designed our system and are super happy with the way it came out. We will be offering it in both single and dual exit. This is now a straight exit system with minimal bends for optimal performance.