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  1. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past

    They went with a turbo engine on the Z , finally welcome to the modern era , mad respect for the engine and transmission choice.
  2. Second generation Toyota GR86

    no doubt it will not look ugly , this is just some rendering of various cars like the current 86 ,supra , lexus rc. The only thing that is bothering me is the one thing that matters the most and that is the performance it will have, a NA motor in 2020 for a 4 cyl car is kinda meh imo.
  3. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    Hopefully they will offer a manual on the base models and not only on the grmn, because the high end supra models will be very expensive for sure. Personally if i had the money for a 90k car at the moment i would want a lightweight dct and close to 450-500ps.
  4. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    People that buy porsches were used to other kind of engines , so a lot of people that are actual porsche customers complained about the 4 cyl and then porsche answered with an engine they wanted. It's simple really , they just listened to their customers and that is the biggest reason porsche...
  5. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    I truly wish that they see the sports car making as a marketing strategy because it is actually , but the bizzare thing is they also expect them for some reason to be profitable even though they didn't make a sports car for a decade just because of their past success. The problem is that they...
  6. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    i don't believe in the slightest porsche has any fear for the supra , porsche has been making exellent sport cars for years without stopping a second. The reason why the supra mk4 is a legend is in my opinion that they continued to make the supra for years and refining it. Then they stopped and...
  7. Second generation Toyota GR86

    From my point of view it's very clear that engines with turbos are better for sports cars , at least affordable ones. And this is not an opinion based on preference. For example look at silvias, and see what is the preferred engine , the KA 24 which was NA 2.4 liters or the sr20 turbo. Look at...
  8. Second generation Toyota GR86

    as it stands nobody will care except for a sub group of buyers of the 1st gen , "sports car"
  9. Second generation Toyota GR86

    if they actually do what is being suggested by the japanese media ( 2.4 NA ) , they will have to sell the car only to north america. The 2.4 is above the 2liter mark that most countries tax , second is that this engine is very polluting ( NA and turbo engines have about the same co2 numbers )...
  10. Hyundai mid engine sports car

    nope, it is old news that hyundai wants to build a mid engine car , the article btw is written on march 31.
  11. Hyundai mid engine sports car
  12. The End of An Era... the last Supra?

    My understanding is that the deal with bmw is to make supra and z4 until 2026 (z4->2025, supra->2026), if something like a depression hits , sure companies with luxury cars need to make some decisions but the sure thing is that the parts , tooling etc are done with 2 to 4 years contracts so...
  13. SupraMKV Interview with Tada-San on 2021 GR Supra

    They have literally nothing in common including size (ok except the brand name). At this point i just assume you are trolling or you are high hence the honest question.
  14. SupraMKV Interview with Tada-San on 2021 GR Supra

    yeap exactly the same. What are you smoking?
  15. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    I think 2027 will be the last MY for the current car , after that maybe a 6th gen will happen or a facelift? We have along time ahead of us till then though so things could change.
  16. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    i think end of production is in 2027 , but who knows
  17. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    Austria has banned today gatherings of more than 5 people , magna steyr is there.
  18. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    Here in Europe some countries are putting curfews on people , they leave open only business that are essential for everyday living. Italy has the biggest problem but all of the countries have infected people and goverments take measures. So even if austria by some miracle is not affected at all...
  19. MY2021 Supra Wishlist

    it already includes a manual and a convertible , it has 197hp 4 cyl with 6MT and is called z4. The real question is if they offer a manual in the b58 version , the 2 series with the same motor(not exactly the same ok) used to offer a manual. If they think they can sell a manual version and...
  20. A New Z4/Supra-Based BMW M2 Is Reportedly on the Way

    Except they do not. The CLAR is a modular platform , do you know what cars ride on the same supra platform? X3 , X5 , M3 the list goes on. By the same logic the supra is a crossover? modular platforms mean they share some components like the engine , buttons , transmissions and the key word...