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  1. Female Supra Owners, Say "Hello"

    With an interest in evolutionary psychology and culture and society, this should be an interesting thread to watch. My research subjects have arrived. I put on my white lab coat 🥼and run for my clipboard and pen 🙂 continue please and don’t mind the observer...🤔
  2. Washington State Bans Gas Cars by 2030

    If we can get the carbon budget right, that would be great. Fingers crossed.
  3. Washington State Bans Gas Cars by 2030

    I’d but an EV version of the Supra. Particularly if it could do an 11 Sec quarter mile.
  4. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    I had an MK7 GTI. Brilliant car. Loved the DSG. One of the best cars per dollar made.
  5. Reliability

    DARCARS agreed to match the offer from Koons (Arlington). I was able to get Koons into the high forties by using a quote from CarMax in MD (they sell new Toyotas, but no for much longer) who offered $50.5k on a vehicle that snickered at 56.7. So, I was able to work another (almost) $2k off of...
  6. Reliability

    I had offers in that range from 1 dealer in Virginia (where I bought) and 1 in Maryland, and a quote for $50.5K in MD and Wisconsin (long story as well as a long drive).
  7. Need Advice!

    OP, where are you? Folks might have specific experience and advice.
  8. Reliability

    I have another B58 (M240i) and it has taken a great deal of abuse with no issues. I bought a new ‘21 Premium for high forties.
  9. Horn Question / Replaced ‘Clown Car’ Horn

    See if she says yes to this:
  10. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    The whole debate regarding the Supra and auto versus manual forced me to be honest with myself. My decision was between the Supra and a manual 2015 Z51 (really beautiful car). I kept debating whether or not I was willing to give up the feeling of connectedness that a manual provided. obviously...
  11. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    There had been speculation about an EV Supra. As time marches forward there could be much stronger incentives to get away from gassers. Wonder if an EV version might be nearer than we think.
  12. Racing helmets

    Yep and not by accident!
  13. Snobby 3.0 Owners

    Yep. Tribalism. You broke with your tribe and they sanctioned and ostracized you. I’m telling you this real evolutionary caveman shit.
  14. Break-In Period Driving Habits

    I’m really not sure what the right answer is on break in as I’ve never seen any data. But here was what I’ll say, I’d have to live with nagging doubt had I not abided by the manual, especially if anything ever went wrong.
  15. Racing helmets

    You don’t have this helmet, do you?
  16. Showroom Mode

    Showroom mode automatically inflates the asking price by at least $10k.
  17. ZL1 Rock Guards - Buy the correct hardware before installing

    I’m glad to have mine although the hardware could have been better.
  18. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    Wear a wire. Oh, and a dark trench coat. And hopefully you’ll get to sleep with a super-hot double agent from Eastern Europe (if so, upload pics). Thats how it’s supposed to work; at least if movies and spy novels are accurate.
  19. Parking / Cross Traffic Alerts Not Working after Coding

    Sometimes you get warnings after BimmerCode that aren’t real problems. These warnings will go away after you restart the car. You might try again and code the function, then see if the warning persists after starting.