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  1. Thunderhill April 25th

    Holy shit. It's so dry. Why does it have to rain just on my track day. I don't even know if it's too late to cancel or not.
  2. Purchase 2020 over 2021?

    I bought a 2020 even though the 2021's are out mainly because the differences are imperceivable and the deals are better on a 2020 and it's tunable and the actual dyno results show that its way more powerful than 340hp (maybe not as much as 382 but I saw dynos up to 370hp) and you can get the...
  3. Thunderhill April 25th

    yeah that's what I figured. I guess I have to go the night before and take a hotel or something.
  4. Thunderhill April 25th

    Does anyone know what time are we supposed to get there. THill is 3 hours away from bay area and I am trying to figure out if I can just wake up in the morning and drive or should I just get a hotel in Willow Springs?!
  5. Thunderhill April 25th

    Anyone registered for the NASA HDPE track event on April 25th?
  6. What Don't You Like About Your New Supra?

    No sync button no android auto other cars in this price range have much better road noise insulation. i always check f the windows are open and they are not. Me and my friend drove back to back on the same road in my supra and his Mazda 3 and his car had much better insulation from road/wind...
  7. Carplay has disappeared

    Guys I see that this thread has not been active since many months now but I still didnt get my carplay back. before I used to see an option but now i do not. I am an android user but the other day my friend wanted to connect carplay and it didnt work and I can tfind any setting. Is there...
  8. bay Area PPF recomendations

    I had told Alejandro that I will get him a lot of business if he can get me a good deal. Haha. Lol.
  9. Steering wheel rattle

    I know there are many rattle threads but I couldnt find any information on the problem i have in my car. I hear rattle from the steering wheel. I think its from that stupid plastic part in the bottom but I am not sure. Only happens abobe 30 mph and I have observed that it happens only when its...
  10. bay Area PPF recomendations

    So I finally went with deep reflections in Los Gatos. They gave me an amazing deal. Xpel full frontal + rockers + rear quarter panel + A pillar + mirrors + Full car ceramic coating valid for one year + rear window tint for $2k. They did a very good job. They also replaced my front lip middle...
  11. Cars Wi-Fi password?

    whihc phone do you have? I have a pixel 2 and I read that google removed the feature to mirror screen to devices and you can only cast if you have a chromecast on TV's. its dumb but thats what google did to sell more of those little chromecasts. But if you have a samsung then it should work
  12. Keeping stuff from flying in the trunk?

    I wanted to store the exact same thing. Detailer bottle and a couple of microfiber and all these nets and hooks seemed too excessive so I just opened the fuse box compartment on the right side of the trunk which has the tow hook and tire inflator and stuffed the microfiber and the detailer...
  13. California Tinting laws

    haha. lol. I dont know man. Ever since Ive been pulle dover for hardly speeding I am trying to be extra safe.
  14. California Tinting laws

    But dont you get pulled over, cos that is clearly against the rules?
  15. California Tinting laws

    Hey guys, I want to get my windows tinted and want to understand the tinting laws in Cali. I know that there is no restriction on the rear windshield. But what about the side windows? I read online that only 70% tint is allowed but that feels like a waste of money considering it hardly makes...
  16. Who has highest mileage?

    Got mine on oct 27, 2020 - 2200 miles as of today. its my daily driver but I have a short commute.
  17. Inland Empire Supra negotiation

    I got a 2020 in October for 46k without taxes. I purchased it from New Jersey where there was a 4500$ cash rebate and a huge dealer discount after that. CA dealerships are just a rip off. Even with enclosed trailer shipping I got a better deal. It was a lot of work as I had a friend go inspect...
  18. bay Area PPF recomendations

    Thanks. How much did it cost.
  19. bay Area PPF recomendations

    Hey Nor cal supra owners, I am in the bay area and looking for advise on ppf for my Supra. I am very much reluctant to spend $2500 on ppf. Can anyone suggest some good and affordable shops in the bay area who can work on the supra. I understand ppf is an expensive thing but I am trying to get it...
  20. California Roll-Call

    So Sorry to hear that. Get well soon!! Also can I ask where did you get the PPF done ann how much did it cost.