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  1. 2021 Supra Exhaust Thread

    start at 3:00 ish warm up before that. I need to get better at editing..... But good exhaust sound from rear go Pro
  2. Car excessively burning oil?

    Not nothing. But obviously some things FI issues are not exclusive or universal Also helps keep straight on an open forum like this who is speaking from what actual experience
  3. Car excessively burning oil?

    I guess this is the risk with outside "help" on platform they don't own or wrench on
  4. Car excessively burning oil?

    Have not seen anyone that has collected any. Post up a pic of your set up por favor
  5. Car excessively burning oil?

    what catch can have you found to actually "catch" oil on these?
  6. Front sway bar - help me decide please.

    I have them set on firmest holes for the track. You can try the softer hole. easy to change once installed. But yes together with the springs it is not a comfy eat up the miles type ride anymore. But i have very little roll in the corners and esses trade offs....
  7. Front sway bar - help me decide please.

    Handles great- go cart like. You do lose the smooth ride
  8. Windshield Replacement?

    Small rock chip this morning Ran out a bought a chip epoxy kit. Dutifully followed all the instructions This evening crack all the way across!!! Grrrrrr
  9. How does my tailpipe look?

    Not painted. Have just seen a couple pics recently that were still shiny. 6k
  10. How does my tailpipe look?

  11. Car excessively burning oil?

    Retail long block is around 15k
  12. Supra Weight and Reduction

    Unless you are on Ding level talent and really have the car set up it doesn’t makes sense to search for weight savings. Most of us are going to drop the biggest chunks of time with driver skill upgrades. Not 70lbs due to a battery and cf seats. Upgrade brakes for sure. But otherwise...
  13. Racing helmets

    6’2” G Force brand
  14. Questions for all the tuners on here.

    Are you starting a tune shop?
  15. What's the power/sound difference with a catback?

    It’s a simple left stalk button control. If you hold it it the blinker will flash Hold and right flash and it follows sport button Hold and left blinker flashed it’s forced open. From memory. Google it to be sure
  16. What's the power/sound difference with a catback?

    I have a titan catless with jb4. The jb4 has an option to keep valve open all the time. With about 7 track days it seems to me that has gotten even louder. I don’t have any proof but it feels like the long hard track days are packing down whatever insulation is in stock mufflers Dunno. As...
  17. What's the power/sound difference with a catback?

    They really pick up sound and power with catless downpipe. Why did you sell Evora? I was just looking at one this week