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  1. Best Carbon Fiber Quality

    My seibon hood was no lighter than the stock one I replaced on another vehicle. Take from that what you will. With my insurance I’ve now had two hoods, both of different quality. The later having a better finish.
  2. How to clean MKV engine bay?

    Armor all cracked my GTR dash by year 3, not to mention is was fucking greasy all the time
  3. '21 Ordering: Ordering a 2.0 or 3.0 and why?

    Depends where you live, as there is no “base” for a lot of the market.
  4. U.S.-Market Toyota Supra Four-Cylinder Officially Announced

    Not sure why you guys are upset about this? Don’t drive it, I guess. There are fewer and fewer sports car and more and more crossovers - I just can’t see why some of you wouldn’t welcome more people into car scene.
  5. 2020 Supra Sales Ads and eBay Listings are up! / Crazy Mark Ups!!!

    Some of the Craigslist adds are actually MSRP but include freight and dealership fees, so it’s actually some honest listings. Others not so much.
  6. forum etiquette

    Hey, take off, hoser!
  7. Looking for a Downpipe

    Here’s how a vehicles warranty works: Factory has warranty. Dealership has service history. This is marked as a positive toward warranty and factory record of the car. There is to be expected notes against your cars record such as failing to change your oil and it comes out like sludge. This is...
  8. Front Lip Spoilers...

    Jackie ding indicated his splitter may go to market. It looks very similar.
  9. Winter storage procedures / Are you storing Supra for winter?

    Nice f, that’s what my wife DD, not track edition though
  10. Screen protector for infotainment?

    I’ve had a few cars that came with it and sometimes the dealer took it off and sometimes they didn’t. I’m thinking it’s protection for shipping and not an actual protector. I say that because a good portion of screens are in an anti glare finish and the glossy “protector” would completely...
  11. Anyone have access to DME Pinout and Manufacturer?

    Should be a sticker on the side of unit. Siemens has made them in the past, as has Bosch. Probably have to pull it out to look at it.
  12. Painting the stock rims ?

    There is a whole fucking video I just can’t find it :eek:
  13. Painting the stock rims ?

    I just spend 15 minutes looking because I for sure seen someone on YouTube with bronze power coated stock wheels. Looks fantastic.... can’t find the video. maybe it was litebrite? That’s the hyperdrive lady’s car. I swear it was that channel but I can’t find it.
  14. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    Awesome work
  15. Looking for a Downpipe

    It’s a short metal tube that must adhere to the stock exhaust dimensions, so there is virtually no room for change outside of the CAT removal. An full exhaust system would be the only notable exception. That being said, I would look for seemingly quality welds and flex pipe. Some videos claim...
  16. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    I would round off the top edge running horizontally. Probably wouldn’t even notice it’s there with that done.
  17. SEMA Parts?

    Everyone has been pretty coy. Earlier cone filters lost HP and drop in panels have seen no change in power.
  18. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    I’m surprised it’s not moved up slightly to not cover the intake there. Is that not important for that side of the car? What cooling duct is there besides the brakes?
  19. MHD->Bootmod

    My thoughts exactly