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  1. Arizona Supra Club

    Once I get some more mods installed, I'll start attending some shows. I live up in north Peoria. Down for night time cruises.
  2. HKS intake....?

    How is the BOV controlled?
  3. Official STREET HUNTER Wing Thread

    I don't believe there is an official thread where owners can post their "number'd" SH wings installed. So I thought let's have a collection of all the owners wings here in one spot. I know there have been many sold now(60+ I believe), so now is better than ever. So lets see these wings installed!
  4. Mods Delete , created new updated thread

    Needs moar doors.
  5. What size spacers...

    Just ordered some Motorsport Hardware wheel spacers 15mm/17mm, while I wait for my Advan Racing Beyonds. Will be lowered on HKS HAS.
  6. E85 Tune (522WHP & 630WTQ)

    Inflating numbers and claiming records don't go togehter.
  7. Supporting Mods for 480-500whp

    So one would never need the ability to swap maps on the fly. Would a 91oct dedicated tune be better if one was to run 91oct a majority of the time?
  8. Port Injection Kits

    What dos this kit allow for. More fueling or better meth distribution? Does this replace current fuel system?
  9. Supporting Mods for 480-500whp

    E0-E100 meaning I can have a E50 tune and run 91oct however often I want?
  10. Reverse light into 4th Brake light?

    Now we just need to see a video of this mod in action.
  11. Reverse light into 4th Brake light?

    There is a module called Kahtec that will make any circuit flash but you just have to find where it can be applied.
  12. Looking for single exit Exhaust and down pipe !! ready to buy!!

    With all that's out I would only consider the Boostin Performance with the 4" option and pair it with the ETS 4" DP.
  13. AKEa × MAX ORIDO 90 Supra Aero Parts

    Ordered my kit from these guys. Great price, super excited!
  14. Pure turbos hybrid turbo

    What would determine the right turbo for a person? Say one only plans to use 91oct or ethanol mixes but no meth?
  15. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Sounds good. I'll reach out to you when ready.
  16. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Regarding Flex Fuel and talks about the ECU being able to adjust from 91 to E85, what would the ideal fuel be at time of tuning?
  17. HKS intake....?

    I'll order when the box is released.
  18. HKS intake....?

    Will we benefit from an external BOV?