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  1. How much e85 do I add to the tank to equal e30?

    Looking for some information on how much e85 to add to the tank to get e30? If I run the bm3 e30 tune, would it be better to have a bit over e30 than under? What would happen if you run the e30 tune and have e40 in the tank? If you use an ethanol sensor, which one do you recommend? Just a noob...
  2. Looking for a custom tune via BM3 (DP, CAI, E85).

    How many litres of e85 do you add to a full tank to get e30?
  3. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    2018 bmw m2 manual trans, stage 2 tuned by cary jordan
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    tinted the windows installed lowering springs installed catless downpipe and bm3 wheel spacers front and rear coded out seat belt chime, auto start/stop, and bunch of miscellaneous stuff all done within 2 weeks of ownership, now waiting for winter to end before I put coilovers and new wheels on
  5. Launch Edition Take Offs Complete Set for Sale

    are these still available?
  6. About to pull the trigger....MKV or MKIV or GTR?

    Traded in my stage 2 m2 for the supra, Supra stage 2 is much quicker but my m2 was manual, and manual is more fun and engaging.
  7. Anyone Tried Coding the Supra Yet?

    veepeak obdcheck ble does not allow access to advance crash settings
  8. 2020 Supra Owners- Auto start/stop Disable Question

    I purchased the vgate 4 and it doesn't work. says "This control unit is not accessible with the adapter you are using. Please find more information on the website"
  9. Bootmod 3 users

    yes, as long as you turn the cat monitor off.
  10. Snow tires - Would running 255/35R-19s on all 4 corners be safe and effective?

    so far, so good. We haven't got any snow here and temps just it 0 celsius. I ran them on my m2 last year and they were ok. The make is michelin alpin
  11. Bootmod 3 users

    Been running bm3 for the past week with catless downpipe. Night and day difference for power. I ran it previously on my 2018 bmw m2 from 9,000km to 27,000km and never had an issues at all. Supra only has 1200km currently. Need to do an oil change soon.
  12. About to purchase bootmod3, but I have one question.

    never had any issues being off charge especially with a brand new car. Have done it twice before and never hooked it up to charge.
  13. Snow tires - Would running 255/35R-19s on all 4 corners be safe and effective?

    depends on how much snow you get. I am running 245/45/19 on the stock wheels and its stretched in the rear but we get max 10 snow days a year.
  14. Anyone Tried Coding the Supra Yet?

    are you able to code more than one car once you purchase the full version? Is it an annual fee? It's $43 in canada :(