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  1. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    My current garage consists of: 2005 Lotus Elise (weekend/track) 2001 Mr2 Spyder (for sale) 2009 BMW 135i (daily) I’m hoping to pick up a 2020 Supra once depreciation hits a little and I can afford it lol
  2. First A90 Supra delivered in Germany

    I thought only launch editions would come with red interior This one doesn't have the red mirror caps, but does have red interior.
  3. Our pics from the Supra media launch / drive event at Summit Point Motorsports Park

    So now that there is actual driving impressions, did you ever feel like “Man, I wish I had a clutch and a shifter.”?
  4. Media Launch: Listen to the 2020 Supra on track at Summit Point

    The inside of my pants are tingling again
  5. Leaked! Front of 2020 Toyota Supra production model first look!!

    It might just be me, but the proportions look so much better than the rendering! I’m wondering if this is argento silver like the FRS/BRZ.
  6. Lets talk about a side air vent/scoop/intake

    Could it be possible that these fake vents be replaced for functional ones in the production model? Or maybe change depending on the trim level.
  7. 2020 Supra Transmission Chat - Manual, Dual Clutch, or Auto?

    I have an Elise! Its the most fun car I’ve driven to this day! Im planning on upgrading my FRS to a Supra (if it comes in a manual) and calling it a day lol
  8. Most revealing 2020 Supra prototype spy pics yet, Spotted 3/19/18!

    The side profile are the money shots for this car, but the front end still looks a little “chubby”. I hope once they remove the camo it looks a little sleeker and streamlined.
  9. What will be the first mods to your MkV Supra?

    I’d like to lower the car, probably throw on some TE37s, and some exterior/interior mods until the warranty expires lol
  10. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    I never get tired of looking at those LED headlights :love:
  11. Supra Concept Appears In Geneva, VIDEO !

    So is the countdown timer wrong? It’s showing over a day left, shouldn’t it be down to a few hour?
  12. Why I'm NOT Hyped About The New Toyota Supra & Talk about your excitement level

    I hope we don’t get crazy dealer markups like with the civic type R :mad:
  13. Why I'm NOT Hyped About The New Toyota Supra & Talk about your excitement level

    Considering the engines are being sourced through BMW my guess is between 300-385 depending on the trim level. Maybe @A70TTR can comment on this.
  14. Why I'm NOT Hyped About The New Toyota Supra & Talk about your excitement level

    According to some of our forum insiders the weight is supposed to be around around 1270kg! Don’t forget the mkiv was also offered in an NA version. So I wouldn’t be too disappointed until we get official numbers!
  15. Should Toyota Supra keep FT-1 2+2 configuration? Or lose backseats?

    No rear seats = more cargo space I still think this will be a pretty good daily driver on top of a fun toy as well.