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  1. New Toyota Supra rumored to get Toyota twin turbo V6 engine

    Nice to have some solid details from a respectable mag. I think a TT v6 is what most of us were hoping for too.
  2. Update (2/29/16): Toyota and BMW still keen to collaborate on sportscar

    I can't believe they are not further along in the process TBH.
  3. Toyota S-FR concept

    It's definitely a little too anime cute for my taste. The racing version of it does look a lil more aggressive tho.
  4. Red Toyota FT-1 Concept at Various Auto Shows & Events

    Seems like the car developed its cult status mostly after the car had stopped being sold in the US, once owners went nuts modifying it for massive power and also movies like Fast and Furious probably helped make it seem legendary.
  5. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    Don't know if asked before but do we know the dimensions of the FT-1 Concept?
  6. Red Toyota FT-1 Concept at Various Auto Shows & Events

    Ah I missed that as I'm sure a lot of people did. Anyway now that Z5 prototypes have been spotted hopefully we'll see something soon from the Toyota side. Personally I'd be surprised to see a prototype before a true Supra concept since they started with the FT-1 it only seems like the natural...
  7. Red Toyota FT-1 Concept at Various Auto Shows & Events

    Now lets just hope they have interest in actually building the thing instead of endlessly parading around a concept loosely tied to the Supra. A little surprised to see it at the TAS and not at any US shows in a while.
  8. Red Toyota FT-1 Concept at Various Auto Shows & Events

    Two cars that seemingly will never see the light of day in the U.S. :dunno: Sorry for my pessimism but Toyota needs to get a move on it. This 3 sports car lineup is starting to seem like pure rhetoric.
  9. How will the 86 and Supra MKV affect each other?

    I don't see the Supra helping the 86 out much by way of "trickle down" effect. The cars are just too different and far apart in price and purpose.
  10. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    ^Another reason I love the Supra. The name itself stands for something and isn't just some acronyms that no one outside of enthusiasts know what they mean. All of the truly great icons have a real name not a series of letters and numbers. That said Toyota would be CRAZY to scrap the Supra name...
  11. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    I'd be surprised if they didn't call it Supra and instead go with a confusing S-FR name, especially since Toyota officials have already referenced the car as the next Supra. Plus the S-FR name is going to be very often confused with the FR-S.
  12. Toyota confirmed 3 sports car lineup: Toyota exec wants to bring back Celica, MR2

    I don't think we see the sub-86 car for a long time. There hasn't been a single thing concrete on that car and judging by the long timelines Toyota has used from concepts to production, this could be a 2019 car for all we know.
  13. Graphite Toyota FT-1 Second Concept Coming to Pebble Beach (Updated to Include Various Auto Shows)

    I think we'll see an actual Supra concept there. Anyone from the site gonna be there by any chance?
  14. Any Cayman GT4 fans?

    Awesome sounds!
  15. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    Here's another Z5 render looks like a mashup of a Z car and the FT-1.
  16. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    Just saw a black one yesterday driven by a girl (impressive since it's manual only). Made it extra attractive :)
  17. Will the 2017 Supra use carbon fiber?

    Just don't drive like a tool and problem solved. The benefits of CF vastly outweigh the downsides of extra cost and repairs. This is a sports car afterall.
  18. Reviving the Supra - does Toyota really benefit?

    The halo effect of a hypercar, supercar or even a regular flagship sports car can be pretty big. Think about if Toyota never produced the Supra etc in the 80's and beyond, it would lack a lot of the street cred it has now. In some ways it is still riding off of that even though it has been out...
  19. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    ^^^ if that passes safety standards, then I got high hopes that the FT-1 design will make it in mostly its current form.
  20. News: BMW FT1 Supra Project Moves Into Concept Stage

    Man those are sweet! :love: Fingers crossed for those.