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  1. Catted downpipe

    Hi OP, I am running an AFE catted downpipe, MST intake, and the Titan piggyback. I have run it on Map 4 for about 5000 miles and Map 5 for about 1000. Car has been reliable and no CEL. Titan is really easy to work with it and I went with their piggyback because at the time there was really...
  2. Catted downpipe

    Had a shop do it but from my understanding it was not that difficult according to the shop.
  3. Catted downpipe

    I run a catted downpipe and a piggy back and you will definitely feel a power difference. Without a tune virtually no difference. Just a bit louder than stock.
  4. aFe Momentum Cold Air Intake

    Good thought. Still intrigued by the single exit. Looks wise I wish there was something to cover up the other exhaust opening. AFE needs to let us hear some fly by's and see some pictures of it at different angles! BTW sorry if I am hijacking the thread. Certainly not my intention!
  5. aFe Momentum Cold Air Intake

    How do you like the exhaust? I have their downpipe, but have been considering the new single exit they released since it is straight piped and I am looking for a little more sound.
  6. Has anyone else tried the Delicious Tuning Power Plug???

    What tune are you running?
  7. Has anyone else tried the Delicious Tuning Power Plug???

    Oh I definitely agree with you. Just throwing in my experience with another piggy back since OP was having issues with his. I am in no way saying Titans Piggyback is the best. Just have not decided to make the jump yet to an ECU tune. If I do, it will most likely be Ecutek
  8. Has anyone else tried the Delicious Tuning Power Plug???

    Throwing in my .02 even though I don't have the Delicious Tuning piggyback. I Have the Titan Motorsports piggyback with an AFE downpipes and an MST intake. I have had it for 5k miles now and no issues whatsoever and I drive the car pretty hard. Just got my oil changed and all is well.
  9. Top Speed: Who’s taken it to the limit (163mph)?

    I have! Speedometer read 157 on a flat section of completely straight road, no other cars around for miles. Car was definitely stable. Would have loved to video tape it but don't have a gopro to mount and didn't feel confident holding a phone in one hand.
  10. Factory rear upper strut bar removal for more seat room??

    if it does and someone can confirm, I would do it. It is more for the passenger than me but still like more adjustability.
  11. Factory rear upper strut bar removal for more seat room??

    Does the Cusco rear brace help with this?
  12. IND A90 Supra Start / Stop Button DIY

    was pulling the button out easy with that clay? did you do anything special to get it out?
  13. IND A90 Supra Start / Stop Button DIY

    Thanks! Do you have a link to what clay?
  14. IND A90 Supra Start / Stop Button DIY

    I tried doing this with 3m tape but it did not come off... how strong is that putty? Any other recommendations on what else I can use?
  15. Artisan Spirits FRP Spoiler

    Hi all, Ready to buy a spoiler and I am wanting to know if anyone has bought the Artisan Spirits FRP spoiler? How does it install and does anyone have any pictures? I like the idea of the FRP matching the diffuser, side skirts, and front lip. Please let me know! Thanks!
  16. Titan Motorsports Pro-Tune Users

    I have been running on map 4. Did you run it on map 7 the entire time you had the tune?
  17. MST Performance intake for new Supra

    Thanks. Doesn't seem like it is available to ship to the States yet. When I goto checkout, it will not let me finish the process.
  18. REXPEED @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2020

    The TOMS wing is by far my favorite one I have seen on the car. I really hope they sell pieces from the kit individually!
  19. Titan Downpipe, and ProTune: My Experience

    I cannot speak for the OP but I have been running mine with an AFE catted downpipe (did not want a CEL) and it has been great. No issues whatsoever, car pulls much harder compared to stock and reliability, which was most important to me, has been maintained. I drive roughly 60 miles everyday and...
  20. MST Performance intake for new Supra

    Where is everybody buying it from? The MST website?