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  1. TPMS for the Supra

    Curious I have a friend that stocks generic TPMS with 433mhz on my x5 we used those and programmed them for the truck. Obviously it worked but the Supra is not on his device to program with. Would us programming these generic units for a say 340i 2019 or any 2019 BMW at that would work for the...
  2. Transmission Went Nuts

    Gracefully sorted Kevin came to my house and got the car running. It goes back for some more firmware updates so when spring comes around we can get this thing on the track.
  3. Transmission Went Nuts

    Ended up being the case low voltage issue the car was off for a brief moment 45 mins in the cold before flashing.
  4. Transmission Went Nuts

    DimSport, seems to be a issue with low voltage from the battery in the cold weather when changing maps it seems to corrupt the file
  5. Transmission Went Nuts

    I drove the car normally this day, high power map was just to much for the weather we’re having. I went to put the car to a lower setting, and as it did it’s magic reflashing. When I went to turn on the car it never turned on. Error Message - Car will only start when in parking gear...
  6. GoLabWorx

    The man is truly devoted, sending car back for some more fiddling
  7. Drag Slick

    on stock wheel I am running a 305 MT forgot the side profile will update later on but I put on a 28 inch slick there’s 3 inches of room in wheel well I have yet to try it out
  8. GoLabWorx

    Kevin is using MyGenius device sends me revisions I upload and than I go tango. It has been so cold in NJ at night I cant even do a pull on pump / meth map. r888r aren't holding at these temps. Running around 20-24lbs on this map and I don't get the power cut off at all. Only on kill. Kevin...
  9. Stock Turbo BPU++ HP record

    How was the starvation issue solved? ITH ?
  10. GoLabWorx

    Just read up on another thread You mentioned about fuel starvation.. Cars on spill from the neck full and it still hits that damn code. Don’t understand why it would trip when I can do a pull after it comes on my low end torque is nearly gone but my up to pull is as if nothing was wrong.
  11. GoLabWorx

    Came up as that only not a 5 and than the code reader did not recognize the meaning of it.
  12. GoLabWorx

  13. XHP transmission flash?

    Under load I have drivetrain light come on and cuts torque on the bottom end once the RPMS are above torque cut it pulls hard. would say around 575/600 uncorrected numbers
  14. GoLabWorx

    Weather has dropped a lot on the East hoping for a open test and tune day within these last couple of days see what the pump/meth map does.
  15. XHP transmission flash?

    Goodness I was about to open a thread on this I’ve had to use pump / meth map since the kill map didn’t work well with the transmission
  16. Drag Slick

    @Titan Motorsports ive got a picture you guys went with the Hoosier ! Let me know how it goes !
  17. Drag Slick

    @Titan Motorsports sorry read it wrong. Well I am on h&rs ‍♂️ They’ve got a new 26 inch slick for the 17 Hoosier
  18. Drag Slick

    Let’s see @Titan Motorsports you used the hooiser drag slick 28 inch and it lowered the car to much?