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  1. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    so for e50 tune, do I need port injection as well? Or can I just get a flex fuel kit + Chargepipe+e56 tune?
  2. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    oh yea I always watch your videos as soon as you upload (subscriber). After watching your video where e50 supra beat the gt3rs, I kinda leaned more towards getting e50 even though e50 isn't readily available in my area. So I'm thinking getting flex kit and tune for e50.
  3. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    hmm i'm really leaning more towards ethanol now :D
  4. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    Damn...I didn’t know stock turbos max out only at 500whp, that’s lower than I expected. My car right now is at 447 whp, so that means I only have enough room for +50 whp ☹️
  5. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    I saw the cost difference of going pure800 vs E50 tune, and the difference is pretty significant. I mean I feel like E50 is all I need but the major issue is the fact that I live in NJ/NYC area so I only know 2 pumps about 30 minutes away that have ethanol. Is there a toggle map switch yet for...
  6. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    yea, i raced my friend's 2015 GTR with cobb shelf tune + exhaust + and intakes. I can get him up to 115mph
  7. Pure800 93oct OR E50 Tune

    I'm debating between saving up for Pure800 running 93oct, or just get E50 tune. I want to try to run a 10 on the strip, and do some rolling races against (tuned 2015 GTR, Tuned ZL1, Hellcat, etc). Right now I'm pushing 447whp and 510 wtq with 93 tune + DP + Intake.
  8. NY state inspection

    I live in NJ close to George Washington Bridge/Manhattan. I'm willing to drive up to an hour
  9. NY state inspection

    I have a catless dp but i have a dyno tune so I have no CEL, do you guys think I can pass inspection in NY? If not does anyone know anyone that can pass me?
  10. Clicking/Ticking noise coming from driver side.

    Yea, but so far it hasn't hindered your driveability of the car right? Because mine drives perfectly fine, it's just the ticking/clicking is annoying af
  11. Clicking/Ticking noise coming from driver side.

    Not in my garage, but I did notice some loud clicks when I was in my friend's driveway whenever i turned the steering wheel all the way
  12. Clicking/Ticking noise coming from driver side.

    I went to the dealership so they can lift it and check it. So they did that and couldn't find anything wrong, they said everything is how it's supposed to be, lug is torqued fine, hubs are fine, the angles are fine, the suspension is fine, the arms are fine, so we went out for a test drive to...
  13. Gear got stuck

    Did anyone have an issue with 4th gear getting stuck on automatic mode? I floored on high way and 4th gear was trying to transition to 5th but got stuck in high rpm so I let off, switched to manual and then became fine.Then same thing happened in 5th gear in manual mode and also auto mode. My...
  14. Wheel Balance Weights

    driveability is completely normal. Did a touge over the weekend and no issues so I guess I won't worry about it for now
  15. Wheel Balance Weights

    alright, thanks!
  16. Wheel Balance Weights

    the only discount tire shop i know is "Mavis Discount Tire" but idk if they are good or not :/
  17. Wheel Balance Weights

    lmao when the wheel is clean the curb rash is even more visible, I'm not winning either way
  18. Wheel Balance Weights

    Because mine looks like the weights used to be there 0.0 (took these picture of today, both pics are rear passenger wheel)
  19. Wheel Balance Weights

    oh i thought they just all come with same weight stock.