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  1. Current tuning options available to the public

    The short answer is really got tired of look at the CEL running a catless downpipe. I tried everything and have up. I will say that I like the feel of the car better with MHD than o did with the Titan. I didn't dislike it by any means, just think a ecu flash is the better option.
  2. Current tuning options available to the public

    I ran the titan for about a week and went with MHD and haven’t looked back.
  3. Bluetooth running while car is off

    Nope don't do anything with idrive button once I turn the car off, nor do I want to do that every time..... but yes I do turn it off like most humans do.
  4. Bluetooth running while car is off

    there's a setting and I drive that t The i drive setting is set to turn off after door opening. And I turn the car off with the start/stop engine button. as an example I was just sitting in the car with it running looking at the setting with the door closed, car was in park and I bit the...
  5. Bluetooth running while car is off

    I should have explicitly said that in the original post but I did turn the car off. Pulled in garage, put in park, turned the car off.
  6. Bluetooth running while car is off

    I understand what you're saying, but locking my car in my locked garage every night is not a solving the problem, its putting a band-aid on the symptom. When the car is turned off, and the door opens everything should shut down (which normally happens). Some of this is poor engineering...
  7. Bluetooth running while car is off

    I am running Android (pixel 4)
  8. Bluetooth running while car is off

    So I experienced a new issue today and am curious if anyone else has seen this. I came home today parked the car in the garage like normal, radio turned off etc. Go in the house a few minutes later I get a phone call and I answer... Except the call is going through Bluetooth not the phone. I...
  9. Titan ProTune

    Sold, mods please delete
  10. Titan ProTune

    updated to include the O2 Spacer. Ill take 400.00 for the paid
  11. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Nothing for me either.....I'll ask the stealership but I assume I'll here nothing.
  12. Launch Edition Take Offs Complete Set for Sale

    Are you asking 4K for the complete set? Making sure im reading this right.... 2848 for wheels and 557 and 689 for tires
  13. Fabspeed 45 Degree O2 Spacer with mini-cat

    This was installed for less than a week while I was running my catless downpipe and titan protune. I went full ecu flash so this is no longer needed. msrp 145.00. 100.00 obo including shipping.
  14. Catless Downpipe CEL

    Ok....... Reset where I am Originally I replaced the protune with mhd but the fabspeed spacer was still in place and I got a CEL. Since then I removed the O2 spacer, cleared codes and I'm on day 3 no CEL..... I feel like I'm in a recovery program counting days but my mhd contact seems to...
  15. Catless Downpipe CEL

    I'm on MHD and still getting's not just the piggyback.
  16. Catless Downpipe CEL

    Mine was yes, but those issues could have been from a number a things. I took out my fabspeed spacer yesterday and reconnected the 02 sensors back into the DP directly, if your interested in it just PM me.
  17. Catless Downpipe CEL

    Stage 2, but its a custom map for the beta (which very well may be the same as OTS). I just flashed it today so not a ton of miles on it yet.