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  1. Pure 800 install kit

    Other than the turbo itself, the only thing you need to install it is the plastic compressor inlet pipe since the stock one does not fit after Pure machines it out... Not sure what an install kit is comprised of but thats the only thing you need... Maybe some coolant too
  2. New 2020 with OEM suspension...camber WAY off!?

    The fact that in that printout camber looks to be good right from the start and didnt require any adjustment further supports my original suspicion that the first shop had something funky going on in their setup. Glad you went elsewhere to have it looked at. Wouldnt go back to the first place...
  3. New 2020 with OEM suspension...camber WAY off!?

    Spacers should not be an issue here. If they were not true and causing that kind of camber spread, you'd have bigger issues. But yes, I would certainly go have it checked elsewhere out of curiosity. If it comes back the same, have them give a full printout with all of the angles like SAI and...
  4. New 2020 with OEM suspension...camber WAY off!?

    If you can get info like SAI and included angle(the alignment machine gives these), there are charts that you could look and compare values and it would tell you if & what is bent or damaged. Seems a little odd that camber could be so far out and caster is pretty good looking. Usually they move...
  5. Tuning Between Manufactures

    The Supra ECU is fairly sophisticated. If the tuner has not spent a fair bit of time working with these ECU's/cars already, you will not get your moneys worth out of the tune. Any tuner can adjust timing and afr/boost, but theres alot more to do on this car.... Why not just e-tune with one of...
  6. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Tried a 1bar anti lag setup on my car and it immediately slipped trans :(. Had to drop it down a bit to make car ok with it. It is a little bit wonky though. Occasionally it has some studder/hesitation to it right when the button is released. :dunno:
  7. Supra community help needed: oil pressure values

    On factory 0w-20 oil that has about 2k miles on it, with about 80°F ambient temp, I did a cold start of the vehicle and sitting at idle oil pressure bounces from anywhere between 32psi-39psi. So roughly 2.2-2.7bar or so...
  8. Pure800 Install Questions

    Took time to catch all the coolant for re-use, cleaned and torqued every piece of hardware, and talk some smack with a few friends... Couple hours. You could slam it in really fast if you wanted. Everything is super accessible and very straightforward on this platform.
  9. Possible to change username on account?

    Not sure who they are on here...? Can someone tag them in this post please?
  10. Possible to change username on account?

    As thread title says... Can I change my username but keep my current account? Didnt see it as an option in any of the settings...Thanks!
  11. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Hoping we can get my car into the 500's on the shitty CA ACN91 fuel...Fingers crossed...:drive:
  12. Opening front plastic cover? [Solved][Dumb question, radar is there]

    The front of your rearview mirror has a forward recognition camera(lane keep assist functions), rain sensor for auto wipers, and a light sensor for the auto high beam headlight function. Dont cover the area with anything. Make a banner that leaves that spot open would be best way
  13. Pure800 Install Questions

    Sweet. ECUTEK software?
  14. Pure800 Install Questions

    Thank you for the info! Very helpful especially the coolant process straight out of TIS. I haven’t looked at the sensor setup but I understand that the P800 comes with a new inlet since the compressor inlet is machined out to a larger size and therefore the stock inlet cannot seal along the...
  15. Pure800 Install Questions

    Hello all, some quick questions about the Pure800.... I have been told that there is a sensor that is for the pcv system that no longer gets used when the 800 goes on - Can anybody tell me exactly what the sensor is/does? I am aware that the CEL can be turned off with a tune but I just want to...
  16. Anyone local to check if my ecu is locked?

    Epic! Save some $$ on bench flash then. So stoked. Thanks for reply
  17. Anyone local to check if my ecu is locked?

    Photos attached... Am I locked?
  18. Anyone local to check if my ecu is locked?

    Thanks for the response! Will send an email with a few questions. :thumbsup:
  19. Anyone local to check if my ecu is locked?

    As thread title says... I am wondering if my ecu is one of the locked ones or not. Im in San Diego CA. Is it possible if someone has a tune or software to just hook up to the car and get the software number from the ecu? Or do I need to purchase my own software/license to do this? Looking for...
  20. Anyone has a leaky transmission fluid pan?

    Diff= rear differential. Its on the other end of the driveshaft from the trans... Diff seal does not sit right above it.