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  1. FS: JB4 with Bluetooth connection for B58

    Any idea what the manufacturer warranty is on these, and if it transfers from the original purchaser to a second owner?
  2. 2020 Supra vs. 2019 Mustang GT350 as Better Driver's Machine? (Car and Driver)

    I'd be blown away if you didn't enjoy that 8 speed transmission. I've always preached manual trans as the way to go...then I drove a modern, fast shifting auto. Gone are the days of 'slush boxes,' this thing shifts faster than I can *decide* to shift, let alone perform the action. What really...
  3. 2020 Supra vs. 2019 Mustang GT350 as Better Driver's Machine? (Car and Driver)

    The Supra is just a nicer car. Quiter, more comfortable, better interior amenities and controls, all the things you'd expect from a BMW collaboration. It does all that while still being just as capable. I'd be willing to bet that the wider, stickier tires on the GT350 caused most of my perceived...
  4. Remote Starter

    With today being the first really cold day since I got the Supra this summer...I find myself missing having a remote starter. I had a Compustar remote starter with the Drone Mobile module installed in my 86, and I really liked it...but, I’m much more hesitant to have anyone install an...
  5. TPMS for the Supra

    Excellent, thanks.
  6. TPMS for the Supra

    Rather than start a new thread... Does anyone know if I'll see any ill effects, beyond a tire pressure warning, if I don't have TPMS sensors in my snow wheels? I'm not at all concerned about actual tire pressure, because I'm fairly meticulous about checking that. I am concerned about whether a...
  7. Every New Supra comes with One Year NASA Membership

    I got that same email yesterday. Three months, almost to the day, after I picked the car up. Oh well, track season in the northeast is over anyway. I got one day in at Palmer, and will likely do a few more there next season, but I'm definitely going to take advantage of the free NASA day to...
  8. Cracked Front Toyota emblem??

    My friend sent me this image from his dealership. He said this car is in just for the front badge replacement...
  9. Will Supra Go In The Snow?

    I’ll let you know the first time it snows in CT. I bought snows for mine right after i got it. J expect it’ll be fine, as long as the snow isn’t higher than the bottom of the car.
  10. Is there anyone in the Metrowest MA area willing to give me a ride in a MKV Supra?

    Ha, I was about to say, I'm headed to Palmer tomorrow, but I haven't found out yet if they'd allow a passenger. Congrats!
  11. Harry's LapTimer and data of GR Supra

    This is very timely. I’ve got a trackday on Tuesday, and I was planning to download Harry’s. I’m not using any external devices with it, just planning to run it on my phone. I don’t really want to mount an adhesive mount to the crossbar(or anywhere, really). I was hoping to use a Ram suction...
  12. Your thoughts on the phone wireless charger?

    I use it all the time. I believe wireless charging always makes the phone heat up, and my iPhone does experience sporadic issues(slowdown, lag) when wirelessly charging; both in car and at my desk. This mostly seems to happen when the battery is pretty low.
  13. JB4

    Great, thanks for the info!
  14. JB4

    Exactly what do you lose if you don't connect the cable to the OBD port? I believe Burger said they don't yet have options to use the B/C button to interact with the JB4. I'm on the fence and ready to pull the trigger on a JB4, but I have no desire to run a cable into the cabin through the...
  15. What the Supra lacks

    As someone who specifically wanted black on black, color choice isn't a factor for me. I did already tell the dealer that IF Toyota release a targa version, I'll be trading my 2020 in for it.
  16. Supra Daily?

    Same! I grabbed snows on wheels right after I got my 86, and drove it through three New England winters. No reason the Supra can’t be just as capable.
  17. Supra Daily?

    I bought a used set that matched the bolt pattern, hub center and rough sizing. I don't recall what brand they are, but I'll take a look.
  18. Supra Daily?

    I picked up a set of 18" wheels and snows right after I got the car. Honestly, it's unlikely I'd drive it in any actual snow accumulation, because it doesn't have much ground clearance, and I have a truck. But...driving in a little bit of snow is fun. :D Plus, I expect that the OEM tires...
  19. Driving Mode Poll: Which mode do you guys drive your Supras the most? Normal or Sport?

    I commute in mine, so that is all normal mode, adaptive cruise control on. Most of my other driving is in sport mode.