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    Anyone selling a bm3 ? I want to tune my x3m if so shoot me a price !
  2. Can you share pics of mounted meth kit ?

    Hey guys ! I’m doing my aem methanol install tomorrow and wanted to get an idea how your tank and pump was installed . If someone can share pictures that would be awsome ! I was planning to install the tank and pump under the hood on the passenger side I have a buddy who’s a fabricator who will...
  3. GoodSpeed Performance e50 ecutek beta does how much?!

    You tuned my car already ! It’s Abdul haha My car is night and day from the off the shelf bootmod maps :bow:
  4. Anybody getting challenged more on the road?

    I pray for a challenge every time I take my car out , especially during covid boredom Lol I’ve beat stock zl1, stage 2 c63 coupe, 2019 m5, c7 stock z06 and stock hellcats . I running a catless downpipe e50 tune into ecutek and a drop in filter.
  5. C7 Z06 vs Supra

    I was on e30 brother . My new setup on e50 comes today that should be muuuuch better lol
  6. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    I just switched from bm3 ots 91/ e30 ots stage 2 to now having ECUTEK. I’m currently on a 91 tune ( waiting on my e50 tune ) So far so good ! Night and day . But I also don’t have experience with a custom tune with bm3
  7. Break-In period? Are you doing one?

    I’ve been smashing on my car since day 1 . Had catless down pipes on e30 since 200 miles . I’m at 2k miles now . Everything’s great
  8. C7 Z06 vs Supra

    dead serious bro I’ve done a bunch 60 rolls not talking about 1/4th mile .
  9. C7 Z06 vs Supra

    My Supra takes stock Z06’s with just a downpipe and tune :drive:
  10. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    What’s PTF? I have a buddy that had the same thing happen to him and getting all those codes and as soon as he got a custom tune he’s never had an issue
  11. GoodSpeed Performance e50 ecutek beta does how much?!

    I’m on a ots tune right now and was planning to get a custom e50 tune . Can you pm me pricing? I’ve used ecutek on my 370z back in the day thanks!
  12. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    I’m still getting drivetrain malf every now and then but not as often. Also pro tuning freaks have been really on it going back and fourth with me trying to figure it out . Top notch customer service .
  13. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    I got that code on my ots stage 2 91 but when I got drive train malf on the e30 tune that code wasn’t there . I messaged bm3 support and they said “Go to My maps and flash the stock tune ( no need to lock DME) Delete the map you had on Go to OTS screen and get the same fresh map. When...
  14. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    UPDATE: switched to e30 ots tune for some rolls in mexico . The car absolutely RIPs with e30. Everything went well for 5+ pulls and then on the last pull drivetrain malf. The car runs completely fine ....back to the drawing boards .
  15. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    I feel like bypassing the air flow sensor Would totally cause issues
  16. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    anyone know what that is yet ?
  17. Bm3 ots tune causing drivetrain malfunction

    Okay so I was with some buddies and they asked to see the motor so I popped the hood for them and found this ... I think I found the culprit ...:doh: