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  1. Mishimoto's Performance Intake R&D Thread

    No price available on the link?
  2. Launch Edition wheels

    This must be the same set that are for sale on Facebook for $1,900 o_O
  3. Getting better MPG after oil change

    It would have been 0w-20 from factory.
  4. Getting better MPG after oil change

    Was it the same viscosity used?
  5. First Scottish Meet?

    I'm away up the Cairn O Mount the night if anyone is keen to meet up at the car park..? Late noticr galore!!
  6. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    Same here, but I thought it was my spacers! Glad to know it happens as standard too... I think they don't look too bad as well!
  7. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    I was actually looking at the available cars last night just out of interest, and was VERY pleasantly surprised by the value of them!
  8. Painting the stock rims ?

    Thanks dude! Got spacers and lowered since those pictures were taken, might have to get another few professionals taken! Here's one from me for now though..!
  9. Trickle charger for Supra

    Accumate Battery Charger. Stick with what I know on this one as it's great...
  10. Official 2020 Supra MPG: 24 City / 31 Highway / 26 Combined

    Stage 2 93 Octane BM3: 35-40mpg on 76mph cruise control (average speed cameras).
  11. Titan Motorsports tune box for sale $450
  12. Titan Motorsports tune box for sale $450

    There's a for sale section ;)
  13. Splash Guards

    I REALLY want these... But nowhere in the UK does them! Doesn't look like they ship internationally either...
  14. First Scottish Meet?

    I should be free from the 20th of July until the 17th of August..? What suits most people? Weekend or weekday meet? Where do we fancy? A nice country drive with a good place to stop, or something different? I'm also considering a trackday with mine. Was thinking Knockhill, Donnington or Oulton...
  15. First Service

    6.5l yeah!
  16. More JDM Goodies!

    Would love a downshift blue one...
  17. First Scottish Meet?

    I am away just now, but can do one when I'm home! Obviously not been thinking about it during this time anyway, but should manage something in August?
  18. First Service

    I changed my oil at 1200 miles myself. End of the day it's a service ontop of a service that Toyota won't know about, so yeah! Found metal shavings in mine too, but not sure if it was just loose castings after breaking the sump plug off or not. Still, for the price of 6L of oil and a filter...
  19. Spark plugs for Stage 2

    No, but because of the extra power I’m wondering if we need to replace them for a colder plug. As some people say 75-100hp more you should step down a range.
  20. Spark plugs for Stage 2

    Does anyone know what plugs are in the Supra as standard? And what plugs would we use for Stage 2 BM3 with a downpipe? Thanks, Josh