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  1. Splash Guards

    Just got mine installed. All the hardware was correct and they fit well. No more rock chips for me :)
  2. Splash Guards

    Judging by the shape of the guard, it doesn't look like it will protect the bottom portion of the fender. Good thing is that that part of the fender is never visible unless you lay down on the ground :) Side note, I ordered a set and will update on my experience!
  3. Splash Guards

    Im looking at getting a set of these. Did all the issues with the wrong black screw and pushpins for the front get figured out from the supplier?
  4. GoodSpeed Performance e50 ecutek beta does how much?!

    What mods do I need to run e50? I'm confused on how to run e50 but want it for my car. Can anybody explain?
  5. AEM Methanol Kit

    Has anybody run an AEM Meth kit for their supra? Just wondering how to install the kit with failsafe and filter...
  6. Catted DP

    Yeah what you're saying has opened my perspective up a lot. This is my first car that I have even thought about modding so I still have a lot of questions about pretty much everything that I'm doing relating to the car. This does persuade me to go with a tune because it makes a lot of sense...
  7. 25 mm billet spacer

    Plan on using this for the rear on stock wheels. Includes extended lugbolts. Do y'all think this is safe?
  8. Active Autowerke | MKV Supra EPA Approved Catted Downpipe

    Awesome! I'm wondering what pricing is gonna be for the AA catted to be shipped to 75063 and estimated ship time?
  9. Active Autowerke | MKV Supra EPA Approved Catted Downpipe

    Definitely interested in the no CEL guaranteed DP. Question, will running this downpipe with a catback without a tune hurt the car? Also would it throw a CEL if I put a catback?
  10. Catted DP

    Yes, I was aware of the caveats to the lifetime warranty. I didn't pay extra so it was just an added bonus. I guess I'm just paranoid that a DP (catless or not) will somehow mess up my car if I don't tune it.
  11. Catted DP

    I am keeping away from catless DP's (although that would be awesome to have) because I do not want to get a tune and void my warranty. I was able to get a lifetime bumper to bumper warranty. Are there any catted (high flow) DP's that guarantee no CEL? I know AA has one...
  12. LE Supra Registry Thread: Launch Edition What Number Are You?

    I'm number 128. Original state of purchase is St. Louis, Missouri. Last 5 for VIN is 21327. Nocturnal Black.