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  1. [FS] KW EDC Kit - Brand New

    Bump; Price Dropped.
  2. Ohlins Road & Track

    My measurements of center to fender are approximately the same as what you have, however I'm running a different wheel setup: 19x9.5 275/30 19x11 305/30 I currently have a two finger gap between tire and fender on both front and rear.
  3. Ohlins Road & Track

    I recently installed the mentioned setup and placed the helper below the main spring for both front and rear, but as I understand, it effectively does not matter whether it's above or below the main spring.
  4. Manual A90 gated shifters?

    Then you'll have a hard time finding anything viable-custom work included. The rod of the shifter is too large in diameter for what you want and doesn't taper down in size until you get to where the shift knob sits.
  5. [FS] KW EDC Kit - Brand New

    Brand new-opened but never used. Asking $315 -> $250 shipped.
  6. CAE short throw shifter now taking orders

    The only thing this affects is the clutch action. When you remove the CDV, the clutch is more linearly engaged, especially in the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. CDV delete would not affect how the shifter feels at all.
  7. Manual Supra vs Porsche 968

    I had an AP1 Honda S2000 for nearly two years. My answer is no-and it's not even close. The manual Supra is objectively a great car though.
  8. Corner Balance ?

    For the vast majority of people, I find that corner balancing is very rarely worth the time or effort. You will see very minimal benefits from this on the street. May be worth visiting if you are seriously tracking your car.
  9. Anyone replaced thier clutch?

    None of the clutch kits on their site are for a GR Supra
  10. Ohlins Road & Track

    For those of you with the Vorshlag camber plates and Ohlin R&T, how are you dealing with the negative preload?
  11. WTS: [PA] 2023 3.0 OEM Wheels & Tires - Local Pickup Only - $1800 OBO

    Tires are OEM Michelin Super Sports and have approx. 5000 miles. Wear is 7/32nds in fronts and 5/32nds in rears. Imperfections (See photos below): One rear wheel has slight curb rash on it. One front wheel has a chip on one of the spokes. Will include hubcaps and TPMS. Located in...
  12. DIY Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) Removal

    I'm not who you directed your question towards, but Motive 0109 is the one that's compatible with our cars.
  13. BMS Stud Conversion

    That 6mm hex end is generally only used to help with install. Proper removal of stud conversion kits should involve the double nut method that was mentioned above.
  14. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Looks great! Is this the Verus V1X? Or their new Swan Neck UCW?
  15. Ohlins Road & Track

    Did you end up installing the Millway plates? And did they fit with no issues? I'm currently exploring options for camber adjustability and it's currently a tossup between those and the Vorshlag. Haven't seen any other feedback on the forum at all so far, regarding the Millway Camber Plates.