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  1. 2500 mile review of my 2024 MT

    I think you missed the point lol. Acceleration is not everything in a car. I can go trade in on a Plaid and stomp any car short of a 720s, but I won't for the same reason I drive MT instead of AT :) No hate to ATs at all, ZF8 is lovely. Just personal preference.
  2. 2500 mile review of my 2024 MT

    Start letting out the clutch a little earlier before you feed it gas. Once you figure it out, its easy and repeatable. Still plan on CDV at some point since I haven't heard any negatives, but it is not bad at all for me.
  3. MT revs upwards when hard driving in between shifts

    I believe it is under the "Sport Individual settings" page. Gear shift assistant or something like that.
  4. Black Manual for sale Rockville 5k over

    2500 of bullshit on there on top of the markup. Can't believe they still get away with it. My Premium was 59 OTD during peak MT hype. Shoutout Toyota Easley 😂
  5. 2500 mile review of my 2024 MT

    I plan to replace my daily with one when they hit 30 honestly lol... There is no better value at that price imo. Yeah, had to do DP +JB4 to finally beat my friends M3P. 😂
  6. 2500 mile review of my 2024 MT

    Yep and in this EV future, your Supra (AT or MT) will be slow as shit compared to an average commuter. As long as I'm having more fun :thumbsup:
  7. 2500 mile review of my 2024 MT

    Enjoy being slower than a 35k Model 3 performance lol
  8. Please tell me I'm crazy

    Yep I should clarify that I have only driven all the S55/S58/S63 cars 😬 I agree that EPS has killed steering feel for most modern cars.
  9. Please tell me I'm crazy

    Man do we really gotta troll people on every thread?? 😂 Actual answer - Its a sideways jump at best. I freakin love the M2 Comp. The best M car I have ever driven (and I have driven nearly all of them). Just doesn't seem worth it unless you just prefer the B58 or Supra's looks, or you gotta...

    Go to the firmware menu in the app while connected to the JB4 and you can flash V22 or V23 right from there. Make sure you have good connection/battery.

    Honestly either of those duty settings ware good starting point for catless, with the top being with FF25 and the bottom with FF40. Kind of equate to the same FF curve in the logs. Yes, you should input these for a baseline. Catless will 100% need wastegate tuning.
  12. Supra has been a Supply issue never a Demand

    I've seen 90k msrp G8Xs in the 60s. You better have cash to burn if you are buying an S58 car new 😂 Cars are most certainly not an investment, but I sure am glad we have a low production number car...
  13. Formula 1 Talk

    Its time for Ric to go unfortunately. Cannot wait to see Liam in a seat (I am biased because he is one of us Supra dudes 😂 )
  14. Official A90 Supra life cycle thread: updates, new variants, 2026 final model year?

    Guess I'm that guy then. I'll brag about it the whole time I have the car because I want Toyota/BMW and other manufacturers to know that it matters a lot to enthusiasts that this option remains available. 😆 If you don't keep some level of MT-hype up, they're going to disappear.
  15. B58 JB Plus Quick Install Tuner ....

    :wave: Have finished 5 or so and have 3-4 more in progress
  16. B58 JB Plus Quick Install Tuner ....

    The only mod that could potentially conflict with the JB+ is the downpipe. These cars use an electronic wastegate that is super finicky when you start messing with backpressure. Works fine when stock, but when a piggyback starts messing with the DME too, it can sometimes cause some stumbles in...
  17. B58 JB Plus Quick Install Tuner ....

    If you knew what a catless piggyback datalog looked liked without proper wastegate tuning, you would not want to run that 😆 JB+ is awesome for stock DP cars though.

    Try these new duty biases to clean up throttle activity a bit Good starting point for high flow DPs duty_15 duty_20 duty_25 duty_30 duty_35 duty_40 duty_45 duty_50 duty_55 duty_60 duty_65 duty_70 32 32 32 32 35 36 39 48 55 57 62 62
  19. Feedback on my future mod list?

    Order should be : downpipe, unlock, tune, tires, then suspension upgrades imo. Catback + intake are just not needed. That's enough for 500whp on E50.
  20. Will there ever be a time where unlocks be in the states?

    I thought it was mostly understood that FEMTO had a Bosch ECU insider and got the crack that way. It is definitely questionably legal how they developed the unlock, and also very unlikely anyone else gets it. Probably stolen IP. Hope I'm wrong!