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  1. Anyone install a Clutch-Stop for their MT?

    Which clutch stop did you end up getting? How was the install, assuming you just popped out that existing white rubber grommet and popped it in there?
  2. Supra has been a Supply issue never a Demand

    I agree that it's likely to be a cosmetic treatment with maybe some brake/suspension work, but even that, I think, would negatively impact the vanilla Supra's. 2025 Toyota Supra GRMN Spotted With New Hood, Upgraded Wing | Carscoops
  3. Supra has been a Supply issue never a Demand

    My big fear is that they do end up making a GRMN version that gets a hopped up B58 or an S55/S58 and that tanks the values of the "regular" Supra's. Obviously, I didn't buy my car as an investment, but I've been pleased to see their values holding pretty well.
  4. Front End Clunk

    Yes sir, when I replaced the swivel bearings May of 2023 we followed the BMW Service Procedure step by step, all new hardware, torque plus turn as required for each bolt.
  5. Front End Clunk

    I will check for wheel play, haven't done that yet. I tightened the endlinks with the car on ramps to make sure there was no preload.
  6. Front End Clunk

    Yah they sent me all new spherical rod ends for both endlinks, they've been replaced. Don't think that's the issue.
  7. Front End Clunk

    Could be. Here's a video
  8. Front End Clunk

    Yah, again, I've ran these endlinks and bar for an entire season with no issues. The clunk only developed recently. And I'm 100% certain that the endlinks are tight (at the strut, at the bar and the length adjustment nuts).
  9. Front End Clunk

    Yah like I said that was my first thought, so I replaced both endlinks, and made sure they are both tight. The final tightening was done with the car on ramps so as to not introduce and preload.
  10. Front End Clunk

    Any thoughts on diagnosing a front-end clunking sound? Car is a 2023 with 4K miles, it has the camber correction knuckles (swivel bearings) and an Eibach Front Bar w/ SPL Endlinks. The clunking sound is only heard when the drivers side wheel goes over a bump/pothole. Not as apparent when both...
  11. Lets see those 18" wheel setups!

    18" Enkei GTC02's in OEM widths.
  12. Raceseng Shift Knob step by step install on MT Supra’s

    I'm only six weeks in but no issues. It's a pretty high quality piece.
  13. Launch Control on 6spd?

    Good to know.
  14. Calgary Dealerships for service/maintenance

    I do my own maintenance so no recommendations here. In my opinion though if there was a serious engine issue a DP would probably give you some issues if going through warranty.
  15. Launch Control on 6spd?

    I get pretty bad wheel hop in mine when I launch at around 3500-4000. Makes me a bit nervous for sure. That's on warm sticky tires (RE71RS) on a non-prepped surface (though it does have a fair bit of rubber down).
  16. Front sway bar options... opinions please

    Below are the rates straight from Eibach. I've been running an Eibach front bar on the stiffest setting with SPL Endlinks for a year. Sadly the SPL Endlinks have started to clunk, but the bar is great.
  17. Differential oil change

    As always razorlab, thank you!
  18. Differential oil change

    The replacement O-Ring is only for the fill plug correct, the temp sensor is reinstalled without a new o-ring? P/N for the new drain plug with O-Ring I believe is: 90118-WA263
  19. Transmission and Differential fluid change

    Good to know, leaning towards the Motul. I'm probably being overly proactive but in my previous Camaro SS 1LE it was strongly recommended to change the rear diff fluid quite frequently for cars that got tracked/autocrossed. After a season of autocross/track in my Supra I'm doing the same. FYI...