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  1. DIY Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) Removal

    haha i did not.. but i left it out and have no problems
  2. Will there ever be a time where unlocks be in the states?

    just use a vendor, ur fine. i used a90shop
  3. Exhaust to save weight, but not be too loud?

    can always go full straight pipe and run a silencer?
  4. BM3 or MHD ?

    just went w bm3, thank you fellas. shipping ecu out to a90shop.
  5. BM3 or MHD ?

    im actually stuck on this atm.. :rolleyes: seems like mhd+ caught everything up w bm3
  6. Armaspeed intake - does this sound right..?

    Thanks for the input fellas, redid the install, it sounds better but still hearing the spool quite a bit. cabin noise is good 3-4k rpm, but after the spool kicks in. Going to take a look at it again on the weekend..
  7. Armaspeed intake - does this sound right..?

    Hello, Just installed the armaspeed intake.. im not hearing much “suction” as the videos on youtube but more so the spool..? those w an armaspeed intake, does this sound… normal?
  8. Downpipe Advice U'll be fine w a high flow catted dp but some throw a CEL. AA would be a popular one that does not throw a CEL. I...
  9. Wtb wheels with tires in Virginia

    nova is like 30 minutes from me lol
  10. DIY Clutch Delay Valve (CDV) Removal

    just wanted to make sure.. were we supposed to put the rubber spacer back in...?
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Stud Conversion and CDV valve delete Capped Lugs Stud Kit CDV delete write up...
  12. Another tire post lol

    Michelin Pilot Super Sports are my recommendation, Between the nittos and hawks, just go with the better price. cant speak much about hawks but the nt555s arent great or bad tires.
  13. Wtb wheels with tires in Virginia

    I have 2024 stock wheels for sale w tires / tpms (400 miles) for $2k
  14. Photo of the day... 😍

    Volk TE37s Ultra M Spec 19x9.5 + 23 19x10.5 + 35 Diamond Black Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35/19 305/35/19 KW V3 EDC
  15. Photo of the day... 😍

    haha, i hope you went somewhere w less traffic.
  16. Photo of the day... 😍

    Ellicott City, do ya miss it?