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  1. Daily Supra Pics Thread... Share Here

    Got sent some track shots from the other weekend. Not technically today, but I just got them :)
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    You can get shorter studs, that would probably look better. These are 90mm, they have 75mm as well. I got the longer ones as I wasn't sure where I would end up with spacers.
  3. Race Tracking Your Supra - Information exchange

    Thanks for the analysis, much appreciated!
  4. Race Tracking Your Supra - Information exchange

    Thanks for the help! :) Side views below. I was starting around.....32 cold at the beginning, and then about 29 'warm' right before going out for a session by the end. I should have kept better notes. I keep the display on pressure/temps, too bad i deleted my go pro footage already.
  5. Race Tracking Your Supra - Information exchange

    Teach me to read this tire wear. I'm stock, so camber is what it is for now. PSI too high, I'm guessing? I kept lowering it session after session. Total wear is from 5 days of HPDE. I swapped opposite corners each day. Kumho v730.
  6. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I got the apex kit, 90 mm to go with some 12/15mm apex spacers i got as well. Had to go buy a deep socket part way through...heh...
  7. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Got rid of those silly lug bolts and converted to studs.
  8. DINAN Exhaust Sound Comparison and Thoughts

    I installed this exhaust a couple weeks ago myself. For what it's worth, mine aligned just right first try. I was actually surprised I didn't need to make any adjustments. I left all the joints loose as I installed them, and pretty much just tightened them down as-is.
  9. Supra brake pads the same as Z4?

    Anyone have experience at the track with FCP euro pads? I'm running hawk dtc now, but I like the idea of not paying for pad replacements :)
  10. Race Tracking Your Supra - Information exchange

    I'll let the far more experienced here answer your suspension question, but I'll chime in slightly. Have you had an alignment? You can have some real bad settings from the factory. My car had way too much front toe, which definitely reduces steering response (not sure about feel).
  11. **Official Lap Times Thread DISCUSSION**

    Personally, I'm looking for stock setups to benchmark against to see if I'm doing a good job. To that end, it would be helpful to me to have some kind of indicator in the main list of the cars mods. Maybe if it was reformatted into a table, it would be easier to present more information? A mock up:
  12. Dinan Valved Exhausts for the Toyota GR Supra

    You must have been right, smoke issue has gone away. Phew, I was really stressing there for a little bit.
  13. Race Tracking Your Supra - Information exchange

    Does the forum have an established term for a group so Supras? A swarm of Supras? A super of Supras? A swell of Supras? I think I counted 7 at Summit Point Jefferson this weekend. My first time there in the Supra, beat my PB in my WRX by 8 seconds. Though I'm still light years behind...
  14. How to do burnouts?

    How about dousing the rears in lighter fluid and then lighting them? I have to imagine that would look pretty cool.....for a bit.
  15. Race Tracking Your Supra - Information exchange

    Has anyone ever tested the stock 45th anniversary wing to see what it produces?
  16. Dinan Valved Exhausts for the Toyota GR Supra

    Installed mine yesterday. Sound is great. Cold start is a bit much, but I guess you have to make compromises. Quiets down pretty quick. One weird thing is after I finished the install and went for a drive/listen I was getting a lot of smoke when I would come to a stop. I can't decide if it...
  17. Best blind spot mirrors?

    I use this method and have no visibility or blind-spot issues: For the past few years, various carmakers have been offering blind-spot detection systems for their cars’ side mirrors. Often complex...
  18. WTB: Dinan exhaust for 3.0

    Nice looking out! Unfortunately, I already pulled the trigger on the new one. I thought it was back ordered till August, but I got a shipping notice already. If it wasn't a 6 hour round trip I would probably jump through the return hoops.
  19. WTB: Dinan exhaust for 3.0

    My car is white too. Do you have a picture of the exhaust from directly behind the car? I'm trying to decide what I think about the black tips.
  20. WTB: Dinan exhaust for 3.0

    Nice! What's the sale, or how does it work? At a glance the price looks the same as before. (Looks like maybe its just black tips on sale?) Also, it says shipping estimated in August. I don't mind waiting, but Ill be traveling on and off this summer, I don't want it arriving while I'm out of...