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  1. Front End Clunk

    Any thoughts on diagnosing a front-end clunking sound? Car is a 2023 with 4K miles, it has the camber correction knuckles (swivel bearings) and an Eibach Front Bar w/ SPL Endlinks. The clunking sound is only heard when the drivers side wheel goes over a bump/pothole. Not as apparent when both...
  2. Easily Removeable Duckbill Spoiler or Wing

    I know I'm going to get roasted for this, but here it goes anyways. Are there any Duckbill Spoilers or Wings that are easily removeable? Would love to add one but I'm not allowed to have one on the car for autocross events due to the rules.
  3. Supra Steering Knuckles (43211-WAA01 & 43212-WAA01)

    Genuine OEM Steering Knuckles (aka swivel bearings), on my car for less than 500 miles. Switched these out for the camber correction version to gain a bit more negative camber. Have no use for these. Only looking to sell as a set, not individually. They retail for $195USD ea. not sure what...
  4. Superspeed RF05RR Wheels

    I’ve been looking at maybe getting a set of Superspeed RF05RR wheels but can’t seem to find any pictures or forum posts of anyone running them. On paper these should fit quite nicely. 19x9.5 +33 19x10.5 +35 5x112 66.6 Has anyone put these on...