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  1. New Toyota Emblems for Hood and Rear

    Did you find the carbon pieces already that shape and size or did you custom cut them?
  2. Burger MS spacers

  3. Rexpeed carbon fiber spoiler NIB

  4. Burger Motorsports air intake. $75 shipped.

    Sorry I was being a joker when I registered where Beavis is from . It’s not in TX with Hank Hill LOL I’m in Kansas City
  5. Rexpeed carbon fiber spoiler NIB

    Yes it is
  6. Burger MS spacers

    Yep. Just wanna get them out of the garage. They’re heavy so shipping might be $$ but I’ll eat it. Paypal? If so [email protected] and I’ll get em shipped out.
  7. Burger Motorsports air intake. $75 shipped.

    13mm f 15mm r. NIB never used. $150 shipped
  8. Burger MS spacers

    I don’t have sufficient privileges to post this where it should be so here I am. 13mm f, 15 mm r. New in box never opened. $150 shipped.
  9. Rexpeed carbon fiber spoiler NIB

    For sale is a Rexpeed Supra carbon fiber spoiler in a never opened box. My lazy ass never installed it and I’m selling my car. Will be just like new never unpacked. $350 shipped to US
  10. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    You and I aren’t getting any compensation. New stuff comes out all the time. Hell the TV I bought last year is out of date. Such is life
  11. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    I just don't get it. I have no problem with wind buffeting but I only ever roll my windows about halfway down
  12. Headlight recall details?

    I wondered the same thing. Why is my car different? Part change? Manufacturing change? I am trying to understand why only those 180 cars are affected.
  13. How to Customize Supra Safety Systems

    I despise the lane departure. Other than that I haven’t had any issues. 7.insta’s issue with the front collision system sounds dangerous. I might turn that one off too.
  14. Winter storage procedures / Are you storing Supra for winter?

    I'm driving it every chance I get. In Kansas City, MO we have strange winter weather. It might be 10 tomorrow and 50 the next day
  15. downpipe install

    It’s called Modified by KC in MERRIAM, KS. I just sent them a couple YouTube videos of the install so hopefully they get an idea of how easy it is. I would do it myself if I had a lift
  16. Rexpeed vs. TRD at Titan Motorsports

    They look damn near identical. $400 vs. $1800 no brainer. My Rexspeed is on the way!
  17. downpipe install

    I'm pretty sure shop #2 told me that because they really don't want to do the work.. They said "we haven't worked on a 2020 Supra so here's your estimate". I told them it's a well known B58 engine shouldn't be that difficult. They said it may be less based on the actual time spent but i am...