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  1. Verus heat shield for 2021 6-port is now available

    @underdonk , i noticed the same thing with mine. I might hit the small shield area with the grinder just to take about 1/8" off.
  2. Verus heat shield for 2021 6-port is now available

    How much space is between the intake heat shield and the manifold?
  3. Verus heat shield for 2021 6-port is now available

    Unless your intake physically sits on the turbo , you will not have any interference issues.
  4. Verus heat shield for 2021 6-port is now available

    Don't quote me but I believe most like the Pure800 are the same from an outside dimension perspective so I would assume so.
  5. Verus heat shield for 2021 6-port is now available

    Talk about fast shipping- ordered it Friday and it arrived today. Haven't installed it yet but looks to be easier than the version for the 2020.
  6. 295/30/19 vs 305/30/19 for te37sl rear tire setup question

    Out of curiosity, what size are you running in the front? (assuming fronts are 19x9.5 )
  7. Ecu Tek ProECU User Share Thread

    Appreciate you posting this. I've been monitoring just to be on the safe side. Currently at 3800 miles and reading 86mm.
  8. Tuning Questions/GA Shops?

    I'm not aware of a local tuner here in GA but a couple of us went the remote unlock/ECUTEK tune route via Visconti. You can chose either OTS or custom tune (tweaks the tune via logs you send in). As Benjilis stated, spend an evening reading the tuning area as there is tons of good info there.
  9. Bench Unlock DME

    +1 for Visconti's remote unlock. Marshall was super helpful with the sales/order process and answered all of my off the wall questions along the way. Day of, John called up and walked me through every step of the way. Remote unlock to first tune loaded was no more than 45min tops...
  10. Need Help Sourcing Part

    My problem which I assume is the same is that the clip will not latch onto anything thus the charge pipe will just blow off.
  11. Need Help Sourcing Part

    Disregard, I replayed the entire video and mistook a statement as reusing the stock clip. I'm about to email FTP themselves to see what they say.
  12. Need Help Sourcing Part

    Just received an FTP charge pipe and noticed the same issue with the supplied clip not really fitting. I watched a video of Kies Motorsports installing the FTP and it was mentioned to use the OEM clip.
  13. FS: FTP Black Charge Pipe

    Message sent on the charge pipe.
  14. Which catted DP sounds best

    Very odd as mine is louder for sure. Start ups are much louder as well which increased "pops"(think I made a family poop themselves in the parking deck (sorry folks) when I started up next to them).
  15. Best Tires For 500-600whp

    These guys have a pretty good channel for reviewing tires:
  16. AMS catted downpipe issue on 2021

    No updates on AMS changing anything with the downpipe for the 2021s but I have to give them big kudos as they did reimburse me for my failed install. On a side note, kudos to Speed Industry as well for all of their help as they were able to procure me an AA downpipe which was installed this...
  17. How do I track my 2021 supra online?

    You need to use the SupraConnect app (iOS) only or go to
  18. Please delete

    Call them instead of emailing. I've spoken to both Alex and Daniel recently due to my fitment issue with an AMS downpipe and both have been very helpful.