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  1. Audio upgrade options

    I will be using the Mobridge amp to power the system. The Focal Access is the component system with the bigger woofer, Will need to adapt or cut to make it fit.

    Contact Seibon. They just shipped my side skirts and rear carbon. I already have the front splitter.
  3. Audio upgrade options

    I actually found an extra K2 unit. Hope to get everything together by the end of the month. Waiting for my unit to show up. Have speakers in the doors, major improvement. Car is going in for tint next week and then stripping the interior for roll bar install, seats and the stereo. Started...
  4. Audio upgrade options

    So I have the Focal K2 in the door and the front center. Focal Access in the rear surround. Putting Dynaudio MW172 in the rear with LOTS of damping and some fill. Will then have a separate removable subwoofer if necessary. Also ordered the Mobridge unit. At least for now, will be using the...
  5. Mid-Ohio Supra Track Day

    Looks like you had a phenomenal weekend. I'll be there in August with PCA. Hoping to make it there before then for a weekend.
  6. Fuse Panel Layouts?

    Fuses 1-7 ? | SupraMKV - 2020+ Toyota Supra Forum (A90 MKV Generation) Here is how to get to the fuses on the BDC.
  7. Fuses 1-7 ?

    Thanks for the update. I was concerned about just pulling on the plastic pieces. I suspect that I have blown the fuse to my OBD2
  8. Fuses 1-7 ?

    How did you get the carpet peeled back to get to this fusebox
  9. JB4 Installed - Negative performance

    Make sure that your OBD2 port is live. I blew the fuse and car ran poorly.
  10. Waze voice alerts through Carplay

    no alert with wireless. setting OK as it works fine in other cars.
  11. 2021 OEM Wheels

    Simplified price to avoid confusion
  12. Pushing Type Rs beyond their skill

    Summit Point is a very nice facility so close to DC. There a couple years ago and did the Circuit. Almost hit a deer on the front straight coming into turn 1, 150+. Can't believe that they don't remove that herd of deer
  13. Pushing Type Rs beyond their skill

    Nice driving. The CTR were sick with power as was the VW. Which track?
  14. WTB. 2021 3.0 premium stock rims and tires

    Looking for $1000 Shipped. Shipping has been outrageous. Figure that it would be $700 and around $300 for shipping
  15. ► APEX | 18” & 19” SM-10 Lightweight Track Wheel Group Buy

    Did I mess up? I saw that the group buy is closed but never received a bill or charge. I
  16. WTB. 2021 3.0 premium stock rims and tires

    Got the wheels, no tires or sensor. Boxed and ready to ship. 2K miles on the wheels.
  17. Audio upgrade options

    I think that you will really appreciate the Focal K2. I bought mounting rings on EBAY from a guy in England who 3D printed them. Makes them fit directly into the factory locations with no issues. I have a set of Focal Access which I will be fitting in the rear, rears were going to either...
  18. 2021 OEM Wheels

    Complete set very good condition wheels - $700 plus shipping
  19. Every New Supra comes with One Year NASA Membership

    We received our complimentary NASA membership when we bought the car. Besides the track day, this includes discounts. Just purchased things at Competition Motorsports, free shipping and over 10% off. This was for seat brackets, mounting bolts, helmet and some carbon aero for a different car.