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  1. Fullscreen Apple Carplay

  2. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    2021-2 released 09 June 2021. 31.09GB.
  3. Fullscreen Apple Carplay

    Would you happen to know the I-step level number after the update is applied? Thanks
  4. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    2021-1 released 06 March 2021. 30.95GB. Looks like there was no 2020-4 issued.
  5. Fuel tank Recall NHTSA 20V700

    A recall for a small number of cars, due to bad fuel tank welds, which may result in a fuel leak. NHTSA info here: Letter from NHTSA to BMW USA Letter from Toyota US to dealers...
  6. Uk front number plate

    What “no drill” method did you use to affix the plate to the grille? Thanks.
  7. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    2020-3 released. 30.232GB.
  8. Uk front number plate

    It’s 348mm wide x 105mm high, which is the legal minimum possible with my specific registration mark whilst using a legal font / character size / character spacing / character grouping / border.
  9. Uk front number plate

    I used a spare Lamborghini Huracan front plate mount I had with a legal "size zero" fourdot plate. Looks ok to me. It's road legal (I can't be bothered with the stress of no plate / wrong font / wrong size / wrong spacing / wrong plate material). It doesnt cover any intakes or the design lines...
  10. Muffler delete

    I deleted the muffler on a UK car. I used a valve simulator plug from BMW to connect to the unused valve motor cable. No errors, codes or CEL. The BMW part no is BMW part 18302411427. No noticeable difference on throttle response. Bear in mind UK cars have a GPF. I find it absolutely fine...
  11. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights

    I randomly received a call today from my supplying UK dealer. The lights and luggage net were available for collection. So they should definitely be available to order in the U.K.
  12. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights

    The BMW dealer cancelled the order 3 days later. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights Toyota and BMW dealers claimed not to be able to order either the puddle lights or the net as of July 2020.
  13. Exhuast flap permanent open

    I completely deleted the back box, retaining the cat and OPF/GPF and putting the valve simulator on the valve motor cable. I disabled the ASD sound faker with Bimmercode. I find it absolutely fine. On steady cruise throttle or extended lift off it's stock quiet. On large throttle there is more...
  14. New 2020 headlamp recall

    NHTSA info here: Recall notice: Dealer instructions
  15. New NHTSA recall Also discussed here
  16. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    2020-2 released. 29.38GB.
  17. UK RHD CarPlay?

    If this helps, I think the answer to your question is the left hand side. Stock, UK car.
  18. Sat Nav Data, 2020 Europe

    Overnight, 04 May 2020, the Europe Evo 2020-1 Sat nav data was released for Europe, available to download in Toyota Supra Download Manager. It is 29.08GB. The download manager is available in the UK from Other jurisdictions will have their own portal.
  19. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights

    BMW just cancelled my order for 63312463923. “Not available”. I guess try again in a few weeks. Unless BMW have disallowed BMW dealers from ordering them as a part not specifically for BMW cars. I’ll have a look on the net for European BMW part suppliers who ship internationally.