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  1. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the A90 Supra. Available now.

    Josh, any performance difference between the track and touring edition? Also im planning to get the ac schnitzer engine performance upgrade when they are out, which awe exhaust would you recommend to go along with it? Thanks heaps
  2. Aussie supra OPF/non OPF

    Does it mean we can fit a catted downpipe and still be street legal? Sorry for my ignorance!
  3. Aussie supra OPF/non OPF

    Hi guys, Just needing a help here. Am thinking of getting exhaust upgrade, but anyone know on how to check if the model is fitted with OPF filter or not. Im in australia. Apparently some aussie website still sell both opf and non-opf pipes for the supra which confuses me abit, i thought aussie...
  4. Another cheap cosmetic mod

    Whats delivery fee to australia?
  5. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    Im happy to get 1 from you.
  6. BREMBO front Big Brake Kit, GT series for SUPRA A90

    Whats the difference between those 3?
  7. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    Sr are u selling those? The fitment looks perfect on our slim aussie plate.
  8. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    Can anyone help me where to get those front offset license plate bracket in australia? Am getting my red supra soon. Thanks heaps guys!
  9. Australia - Pricing and Availability Details

    Hi mate, didnt quite get ur question..
  10. AU-spec exhaust Vid

    Do u know whether ours have gpf/opf or not?
  11. CarPlay - non US models

    I is it really?? Im waiting for mine to arrive. And the dealer said it comes with the apple carplay
  12. Anyone had a CEL with catted Downpipe (No tune/piggyback)??

    So what would be the best possible solution for it? Im concern to as i am planning to mod mine too..was looking to do cusco braces and strut first , then going for with either akrapovic slip on, but for that price my understanding is doing downpipe be better bang for bucks ya..
  13. Has anyone installed the Akrapovic exhaust?

    what kind of performance gain would you expect with slip on and its evo link pipe?