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  1. UK RHD CarPlay?

    Can you share the eBay vendor you used?
  2. UK RHD CarPlay?

    The setting is in the head unit firmware. Sloppy programming from BMW They didn’t consider a RHD version of CarPlay for the Supra. I wonder if RHD Z4s are the same?
  3. Launch control, Driving modes, Traction controls etc

    I have a track day booked for 9 June and had planned to have my Supra well over 2000 km before that date but lockdown has meant I only have 750 km on my Dec 19 delivered Supra. I know about launch control becoming active at the 2000 km mark however that doesn't mean much in a track situation so...
  4. UK RHD CarPlay?

    Can anyone in the UK with a RHD Supra with CarPlay enabled confirm for me what the screen looks like. i.e. Is the vertical fixed icon bar on the right or left? Typically in a LHD car this icon bar is on the left side of the screen and visa versa in RHD. I guess the theory is that this bar in...
  5. Location of ODB2 port in RHD MKV

    So I found the port, my cable plugged in easily, now I can't get the bloody thing out, any ideas?
  6. Location of ODB2 port in RHD MKV

    Where do I find the ODB2 port in my RHD Supra? I want to give BimmerCode a go but can seem to find the location of the port. I did look in the manual.
  7. CarPlay - non US models

    My Dec 19 Supra doesn't have CarPlay. Has anyone made any progress getting it work?