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  1. Active Autowerke DOWNPIPES IN STOCK!

    I kinda forgot about this and then I was like oh yeah, I ordered a downpipe, where is it. Checked this email thread and then checked my email confirmation and got all excited!!! Delivery says Friday!!
  2. *updated new video drive off and with warm start up*Active autowerkes catted downpipe and full exhaust

    Exactly why I just put my order in too! Was thinking an exhaust but I thought I would start with the AA catted downpipe and go from there. And thank you @Meraki Autoworks for shipping to Canada!!
  3. Dog Proofing a Supra

    I've been trying to figure out how to bring my Rhodesian Ridgeback for a ride and didn't even think of him lying down in the back. But thinking about this I don't think this will work for my guy cause he's tall and weighs in at 110lbs. And his nails, they are trimmed but man they are thick and...
  4. AWE Track Exhaust is Wonderful

    Yeah I think I'm going to go with the track and keep the stock downpipe for now.
  5. AWE Track Exhaust is Wonderful

    I went and picked up spacers today and the owner of the shop has two Type R's, both have AWE, one has Track and the other Touring. He said if you combine an aftermarket downpipe with the Track, it would be close to being obnoxious. He recommended either doing Track with stock downpipe or Touring...
  6. AWE Track Exhaust is Wonderful

    What made you guys decide between the track or the touring?
  7. Praise, complements, and questions - hate isn’t the problem

    I've always wanted a GN! Grew up around muscle cars and that was one of my favourites as well as the Mach 1. The boyfriend at the time had the '69 GTO and his brother had the Mustang fastback. The other day I was walking the dog and a there was an oncoming car and I was like "damn what is...
  8. Sightings Thread

    There is another Supra in my area on the Hamilton mountain, a black one, I've seen it a couple of times when walking the dog.

    So very important!! My PPF installer has been doing this for years and my Supra was the first one he has done. He said it was one of the most difficult cars to do, the hood is huge on the Supra and he had to stretch the PPF across it. He also said that XPEL (what I went with), their...
  10. Praise, complements, and questions - hate isn’t the problem

    Since getting the Supra, it has become quite popular in the neighbourhood. Our sportbikes would bring all the neighbourhood kids, it's now the Supra! My neighbourhood has a lot of the imports that have been modded out like crazy, I can hear them driving by all the time! If any of us are in the...
  11. Supra Owner's Motorcycles

    Trust me it drives me crazy to have the Supra outside but with a Harley, ATV and 4 sportbikes in a garage which is less then a 2 car garage plus all the other garage shit, it's impossible! And I have considered a bigger shed as well, it's still a strong possibility. I've ordered a damn car cover...
  12. Supra Owner's Motorcycles

    I can't even fit my Supra in the garage cause we have too many two wheeled bikes and an ATV. One of the bikes........
  13. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    I missed the concert but I heard all about it from my cousins! So basically you will be driving your Supra in Brunei as much as I will be driving mine here in Canada due to our seasons! Our winters here are nasty and the salt and shit they put on our roads, I couldn't imagine driving my Supra...
  14. Customer Mode?!? Dealership Joyride?!? Dealer BS?

    I'm not having issues with customer mode, transport mode BUT showroom mode! Can't get rid of it, have to take it back this week to see the Supra tech
  15. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    I'm still at break-in period too but I'm not over 4500 rpm on the ramps! I'm past the break-in for the tires too so I can still take a ramp over 100km/h technically..........😁
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    It comes in 3's, you're done, you've passed the test...........
  17. Showroom Mode

    I never even thought of that, makes total sense! I guess by default it might be on cause my Supra was ordered, I had to wait for it, it never hit the showroom floor. I did go to the dealership on the weekend and no one could figure it out but it was sales guys trying to figure it out, I knew I...
  18. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    I have many relatives in Brunei, been there a few times but it's been awhile since I've been back! Last time I went Jerudong Park was no longer free! Always blew my mind that Brunei had a amusement park for everyone to use for FREE!!!
  19. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Not yet, dropped it off this morning for PPF. It was hard handing the keys over to someone else, and they will have it for a couple of days, I miss it already. Not sure any tracks will be open this summer with covid and 3rd wave making its way through Canada right now. We're very far behind in...
  20. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Hello! Yes I'm a female and I own a Supra! I've always owned some sort of sports coupe for most of my driving career starting with a Celica and everything in between, and coming full circle it seems to my Supra. Also been riding since I was 6 years old, with many track days on my sport bikes...