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  1. FTP intake pipe with MST Cold air intake?

    Looks like MST came out with an intake inlet to fit their CAI
  2. Supra pops after driving it

    Roll down your windows when you’re at a stop light, you’ll also hear the pinging there when idling :D
  3. Vibrations/Rattles in 2020 Premium Supra

    I had a rattle in my dash area also over rough roads or hot sunny days. Tightening the 2 screws above the instrument cluster trim about 1/2 turn each seemed to make mine go away.
  4. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    Just did this mod and can't thank Tadda enough. Base is tighter and can actually crank up the volume now. Even my wife was able to tell the difference right away.
  5. Vibrations/Rattles in 2020 Premium Supra

    Wow that part is made by Toyota ;) Any tips on getting that part off the dash?
  6. Is this the proper way to tow?!?!

    Maybe wrote a bad check for the deposit
  7. What did you do to your Supra today?

    That’s the old school Toyota logo
  8. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    Does the speaker batting material have to be in a sheet? Does stuffing loose poly batting cause issues?
  9. Rexpeed carbon fiber spoiler issues

    How did you remove the spoiler?
  10. Diagnostic code reset - iphone?

    The OBDLink app clears codes for me.
  11. Passenger windshield wiper twitches

    Might be wrong but I don’t think this is Supra specific, if you google BMW wiper twitch a bunch of forum threads come up.
  12. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I remember I did this years ago in my old GTI as well by cutting a slit into a nylon washer and sliding it in btwn the belt and bolt. Does anyone know the anchor bolt size by chance?
  13. AIMGAIN body kit

    Hot. :thumbsup:
  14. CarPlay - non US models

    You may want to reach out to Shuaib89.
  15. Aimgain GT Wing

    Same, please pm me a quote also
  16. Aimgain GT Wing

    Anyone know when this spoiler will be available stateside? Thoughts on the looks?
  17. Info Screen is Dim

    Some Bimmercode options are only available with OBDLink MX+. See the link below, examples are in the PDC, rear view camera, seatbelt reminder sections, etc.
  18. Info Screen is Dim

    Wow, doubled in price. Back in Dec they were selling for $60.