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  1. Arizona Supra Club

    Hey Qingqing! I'm so jealous, glad to hear Inde is awesome. I was super lucky to get to learn from John, so I'm glad you got the same experience. He was great, answering all my "little kid asking his hero" questions I had. Unfortunately, my father-in-law who is an all round awesome guy, is...
  2. Arizona Supra Club

    I so want to go to this but have literally had a huge family tragedy happen this past week. If I'm still in AZ next weekend, I'll be going.
  3. Arizona Supra Club

    Congrats on the Phantom, getting it wrapped will save you a lot of paint maintenance with that color. Love the look of it though. I'm out in East Mesa as well. Hopefully, I'll see you around sometime. I'm keen on a meetup soon as well, seems like AZ's been a bit quiet on that front lately.
  4. Engine Bay Detailing

    Yeah, this is the perfect way to get that show car finish under the hood for sure.
  5. Engine Bay Detailing

    I would consider myself more of an informed enthusiast than an expert, as I haven't detailed professionally in 15 years, so take my advice with a grain of salt as there may be better methods now. You typically need a pressure washer to achieve a Pro-like clean of your engine bay. Use a diluted...
  6. Arizona Supra Club

    Oh man, I just saw that video. That could have been one of a couple instances. There was another occasion where there was 3 cars traffic in front of the Mercedes and that slowed him up enough for me to catch him. We were a train of 5 going into 11. As soon as he hit the front straight he got...
  7. Arizona Supra Club

    Congrats on the Supra, you'll love it. I'm super jealous, I'd kill to be able to get to Inde next month. I'm not going to be hitting the track until I do at minimum pads and fluid but I want to be doing all the brake work myself so I'm waiting for the tax return to get a set of quickjacks. I...
  8. Snell 2000 helmet

    I bought an HJC AR-10 SA2015 from for my recent track weekend. We get a discount there as part of our NASA membership.
  9. Arizona Supra Club

    Awesome! The White one right? East Valley here as well, I got mine from Mike at Big Two, where'd find yours? You were really moving that little car around the track, I was impressed how you were keeping up with everyone despite having at least 100 hp disadvantage. When you go back out with...
  10. Cheap Track Tires

    @nibble I'm curious if you ever ended up going with the Federal 595RS-PRO? I just did a track weekend, and there was another Mk5 running the 595s with sway bars and was putting down crazy quick lap times. From what he said, they held up to the trashing no problem and he wasn't exactly being...
  11. Arizona Supra Club

    I'm out here for day 2 at Wild Horse Pass with a couple of other AZ Mk5s. Great day!
  12. Bug spot cleaning help

    I'll second what @puzzled said regarding a good quick detailer. If you want to be really sure you won't damaged the paint, hit the bug spot with a decent bug and tar remover (Chemical guys, Griots, 3D, etc) let it dwell as per bottle instructions and then spray area liberally with a QD and wipe...
  13. HUD Question

    I'll wait for the Mario Cart version.
  14. Have you gotten a CEL with your "No CEL guarantee" catted downpipes? (no tune!)

    I'm of pretty much the same mind. I'm especially interested in if anyone has had the AA downpipe throw a CEL.
  15. HUD Question

    I was kind of surprised at how limited the HUD is, but at least I have one, unlike the A91 specials. One of the reasons I passed on a Noctural A91.
  16. Toyota Supra, Ruined by Bump Steer?!?!

    As far as I'm concerned if the dude that races these things professionally says it isn't a problem, it isn't a problem.
  17. Arizona Mt. Lemmon Cruise 11-21-2020

    Count me in, looking forward to it!
  18. Supra pops after driving it

    I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like it is just heat expansion and contraction on the exhaust and other warm parts. Normal after getting the car hot and then letting it sit to cool after. I guess you could check to see if the exhaust valve on the right exhaust outlet is being actuated or...
  19. Arizona Supra Club

    I guess that would make it sometime around the end of March? Doesn't matter to me when it is as long as it is on a weekend, I'll be there.
  20. Arizona Supra Club

    Yeah man, now I'm super disappointed I missed it. Looks like it was an awesome drive. Is anyone going to be at the NASA HPDE event at Wild Horse Pass in March? I just paid for day two and I'm going through all the rules and regs right now.