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  1. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    With all of the excitement of the C8, I actually went to look at a new C7, just to get an up-close feel for the sort of product Chevy has put out with the Vette. I'm on the waiting list for an MKV Supra, but like many, the C8 has caused me to reconsider. Anyway, having seen 3 Supras in...
  2. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    I'm not sure about the odometer, however, unless you have a speciifc line on a vehicle here, I think you'll find the same issues in Canada as in Florida. There are waiting lists for cars here, and most dealers are marking them up hugely. A yellow one near me is going for $120,000 Cdn. Thats...
  3. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    The number that has been most frequently tossed around is Canada will get 300 cars this year, and 500-600 next year. These numbers mean most dealers will get only 1 car this year, and perhaps 2 next year. Two dealers I have been working with have told me they would only be getting 1 car this...
  4. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    Just ignore this guy (AustralianoftheNorth). He flies in here once a week, drops a negative turd about the MKV, and you don't hear from him again for another week. He does not engage with anyones' responses to his comments, most of which rationally point out the weaknesses and strong negative...
  5. Calling all Canadians!

    Their story could be true though, as I put my deposit down in November, 2018, months before the debut, and I was second on the list at this particular Edmonton dealer. I know the guy who was first. Did they tell you that you were first on the list?
  6. Calling all Canadians!

    Man, that sucks. I have a feeling many of us are going to have stories about being screwed over, like dealers asking more than they initially promised upon downpayment, ect.
  7. Calling all Canadians!

    The Z4 paint is outstanding, very little orange peel, by far the best paint of any BMW. I went to BMW to see one. Also, in a coparison test between the Z4 and Porche, the Z4 got a 9 for fit and finish, while the Porche recieved 8. I assume the Supra will be the same since they are made at the...
  8. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    It's incredible how many people have lost touch with what the Supra, made by Toyota, was, and expect Toyota to be accountable to that illusion.
  9. Toyota Supra GR Also Makes More Power Than Claimed in Europe

    This dyno seems to be different in another way as well, as it must reporting crank horsepower, rather than wheel horsepower. The number, 375, couldn't possibly be wheel horsepower. It must convert wheel power to crank power in the reading.
  10. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    If 700 hp was the "norm", you aren't talking about the stock Supra. What the guy is saying is no one was loosing their minds over the stock Supra. Most negative comparisons today are being made between the new stock car and the idea of what the Supra became, not the reality of what the stock...
  11. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    those have been sitting there for almost 3 weeks now..........
  12. Calling all Canadians!

    I'm guessing it was for Canadian auto journalists.
  13. Supra center of gravity

    Toyota claims it lowers by 7mm in Sport mode.
  14. BMW insider: "385 hp Supra model is coming"

    Actually, using the Supras dyno figures as a metric, the Z4 is not as impressively higher than manufacturer claims as the Supra. There is 25-30 hp difference according to dyno results, but almost 50 hp difference according to manufacturers.
  15. Who wore it better? A visual comparison of the Supra & Z4

    The Z4 is too conservative, and barely looks any different than any other BMW. The Supra seems to be a throwback to sports cars of the past, and it's much more dramatic, although not perfect.
  16. 2020 Toyota Supra is Stateside!!! + Canada

    You say "It's frustrating as hell to watch car reviews that are tainted" but as usual, you are blind to the preconcieved negative bias that is also taints many reviews, and is clear in your own perspective, which makes you "un-objective", friend. Those who dismiss much of the Doug and Chris...
  17. Supra center of gravity

    Agreed. I was also wondering about the rigidity, after hearing this. Rigidity is not something that anyone (that I'm aware of) tests, so any claim could be made about it.
  18. Supra center of gravity

    It makes sense. Just looking at the Supra, it sits pretty high, for a 50.9 inch height car. The engine is very tall, meaning the design had to be extended upward to accommodate. For example, compared to the 86, it appears the entire engine bonnet height is greater. To maintain proportion...
  19. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    According to C & D, the Supra's center of gravity is not lower than the 86, as Toyota claims.
  20. Canada - Pricing, Availability Details & Orders

    It looks like some customers in the USA have gotten VIN allocations and have been told they would have their cars next week. So, I guess the July 22 date, the date that was suggested the cars would be released nation-wide, is moot. Since our cars arrived at port around the same time theirs...