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  1. Aftermarket parts Directory

    Evolution Of Speed (EOS) Parts >A90 B58 Supra Upgraded Intercooler Intake Manifold URL: >A90 B58 Supra Port Injection Kit URL...
  2. Aftermarket parts Directory

    P2uned parts >P2uned A90 Supra Turbo Kit -3 different turbo options (Garrett G30-900, Garrett G35-1050, Xona X) URL: >P2uned B58 Sleeved Block URL: >P2uned Engine Build...
  3. Pink Ribbon Racing / IndoTech Motorsport Time Attack A90 Intro

    Can you share which specific hood vents from Trackspec Motorsports you installed on the car ?
  4. Aftermarket parts Directory

    Tarox brake parts (front rotors, rear rotors, front brake pads, braided brake hoses and brake fluid) URL:
  5. Tarox F2000 Rotors and Big Brake Kit Development

    Huddleston, thanks for sharing a new optional brake disc and pad availability for the community. While i was browsing their UK website, here are the available offerings from Tarox for the GR Supra. Front F2000 version (size: 348mm) Front Sport Japan rotors (size:348mm) Rear F2000...
  6. Tinting Tail Lights - DIY.

    The tint looks great. The job you have done was excellent. Thanks for sharing. Thank you for taking the time to do the DIY PDF Document and sharing it.
  7. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    I switched to Liquimoly 5W40 after the break -in period. Have done 2 track days and street driving. The car has 9000 KM On the odometer.
  8. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    I personally always use slightly higher viscosity full synthetic oil in all my engines. 0W40 or 5W40 full synthetic oil for normal street driving & spirited runs. 10W60 full synthetic oil for track days were the engine sees high loads and high rpms. My preferred oil brands are Liquimoly, Motul...
  9. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    Glad you received your engine quickly, this will help you get on the road very soon.
  10. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    Geert, sorry to hear of the misfortune. Nonetheless, things could have been worst. All that really matters is that you are safe and sound. Since you are putting in a new engine, once you disassemble the old engine and find out the damage assessment and the root cause. Let us know what you...
  11. Injen Technology Products Now Available for the Supra A90!

    kindly let us know after you drive for 300-500 miles (i hope the ecu adjusts the fuel trims by then), after the intake installation, can you elaborate on the difference in power you feel especially between 3000-5500 rpms. As well as any other pros or cons you might have noticed.
  12. Supra at Nürburgring

    Paolo, Thanks for sharing that video. I really enjoyed watching the video of that very potent car journalist driving the MKV Supra around the Nurburgring at it's full potential. A very capable driver and a track worthy car as a base.
  13. Need opinions guys

    ApanoMKV, There a number of companies that do offer an upgraded stock turbo as well as a number of other companies that have their complete turbo kits, utilizing either a Borg Warner, a Garret or a Precision Turbocharger. It all depends on your hp goal and use of the car. Below is list of...
  14. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    Geert, Thanks for the information. I personally ordered a set of Titan7 TS-5 Wheels in the following size 18x10.7 ET18. They are square setup primarily for track days. The tires installed on them are Yokohama Advan A052 275/40R18. Hopefully, i will not have any electronic interference from...
  15. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    Geert, congrats on the wheels and summer tires. You should have better traction now from the summer tires. can you kindly clarify on the wheel & tire setup you put on the car. Wheel brand, size & width. Tire choice, sizes & width. Thanks. I can see that you went with a 3-piece wheel design...
  16. #FAIL - Viper takes out my launch edition #1049

    Gad you are safe and sound. I hope your back is better by now. That could have gone much worst. Stay safe and be well.
  17. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Moe, Congrats on the new tuning platform switch (EcuTek) & Pure turbo upgrade. As you said, working on EcuTek for the first time, you get slightly lost. But once you get the hang of it. It becomes self explanatory. Having worked on EcuTek, with a few R35 GTR's. It did not take long before i...
  18. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    Great numbers especially for 93 MON (98 RON) pump gas. Can't wait to see what it will put down once the ECUTEK mapping parameters are all figured out. Nice to know that the 2nd iteration of the modified turbo is doing great. All the best and stay safe.
  19. CSF Radiators - Upgraded Heat Exchanger for 2020+ MKV Supra

    Justin, Are those front air dam diffusers for sale ?
  20. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Justin, Can you share the app you are using on your phone during that run. I like how the phone works as a shift light., or is it my eyes seeing things...o_O