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  1. Salvage Supra Registry

    I stopped at a red light. My problem was that someone behind me did not.
  2. Salvage Supra Registry

    I wonder if they found my luggage strap for my work bag?
  3. Salvage Supra Registry

    It was. I stopped at a red light. Unfortunately a semi-truck behind me did not.
  4. Audio upgrade options

    I was fairly certain you are aware. To get around bass drop off, you will need a new amp and or DSP. The bass quits increasing around 60-70% if I had to guess.
  5. Audio upgrade options

    The driver performance will be enclosure specific. You have ported your enclosure and enclosure dimensions could vary wildly between the two cars. This could be a terrible graph to follow blindly on anything other than sensitivity from my limited understanding.
  6. Adding and additional amp to the OE system

    I honestly don’t know enough. By the time I discovered the MOSTBus solution, I was already done. I could be describing some details on this wrong, but I believe I am mostly right on it. In looking at the manual, sometimes head unit coding may be required and they allude to a rabbit hole on...
  7. Adding and additional amp to the OE system

    The factory system runs on a fiber bus. You have several options. You can order a Mostbus adapter. This will be between $400 and $900 depending on details. These usually come with a configurable DSP and will give you multiple independent RCAs (or opticals) out. It will also generate a...
  8. Knocking noise under dash

    The Supra has a bunch of panels that use a plastic twist tensioner to secure. I had a couple rattles that turned out to be these bastards as for whatever reason, the twist clip was not engaged. There are two in the upper rear corners of the engine bay. Both of mine had to be turned to...
  9. Nocturnal Black Paint Issue

    There is touch up paint. You can order from BMW. They have both the base and the clear available. I want to say it the base BMW color is black sapphire.
  10. Windshield wipers

    If you would need the fast setting on most other cars, RainX will not help enough to not still be cursing the jackass who decided that the wipers are fast enough. RainX does help, but it isn’t a miracle cure all. The max wiper speed does suck a whole lot though. I completely agree there.
  11. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    For those wanting to add CLD / Dynamat. I pulled the car somewhat apart and the largest unreinforced areas without dampening or reinforcement were the roof and rear quarters. The doors have a mass damper on them and most of the floor and rear deck have reinforcing ribs or factory dampening...
  12. Injen Technology Products Now Available for the Supra A90!

    By altering intake airflow, emissions can change. It is easier to exempt everything. A large, ugly, and expensive can of worms gets opened by allowing exceptions if emissions compliance is to be enforced equally. I am not saying I agree with it all, but I do understand the logic and why...
  13. Phantom Matte Gray Owners, Manifest Yourself

    I’ve heard good things about that can coat they have. When it comes time to reapply, I was definitely thinking of trying it out.
  14. Phantom Matte Gray Owners, Manifest Yourself

    I’m well aware you refinish and have an entirely different perspective. I would not pay for someone to coat my car, it is not difficult for one, and two, most want to paint correct. That is where they make their money, so of course most will say it is necessary. The downside is exactly what...
  15. Phantom Matte Gray Owners, Manifest Yourself

    I’ve seen them last several years with some maintenance. I’ve yet to see a sealant last more than several months. I didn’t say it stops chips, swirls, or any other BS like it provides a deeper gloss than wax. Is it as good on day 730 as day 1? No. Will it help protect an incredibly pain...
  16. Totaled or nah?

    I think the Dodge will be fine.
  17. Matte Paint Detailing and New Car Prep

    I use the CG matte wash and detailed. The issue I had with streaks I have traced back to contaminated microfibers. If they were used for something else, streaks. If they get too dirty, the oils from the contaminates causes streaks. Use clean and dedicated microfibers. Be prepared to...
  18. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    I couldn’t agree more. The subwoofer mod is cheap and easy enough and sound materials and crossovers would likely be used in an entirely aftermarket install so there is no losses if it doesn’t work out. The door speakers with minimal work sound good and with a bit more can sound downright great.
  19. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    Well @tadda you wound up helping me. The box for my 10” was on the small side, and more box volume would be a plus. I was able to use the additional port space / box for porting my 10” sub box into it, making a bigger sealed box. It wasn’t fun, but I was able to reinforce and seal the two...
  20. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    The speakers do sit flush against the waveguide as they have a foam seat, so it could be much worse. It stops it from being a complete echo chamber. With that said, I have applied some CLD there for stiffness and will fill the door with Thinsulate.