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  1. BoostLogic valved exhaust still drones and is very loud

    Then stop asking (complaining), and live with it.
  2. BC Forged wheels 10.5/19 ideal offset

    Need help with opinion and pictures, please. I'm planning on ordering wheels from BC Forged. but still can't decide what offset I should go with. I don't want the wheel to be flushed with the fender. Instead, I want the tire to be flushed. to be more precise I want the tire to be a little more...
  3. bootmod3: Flex Fuel Tuning Integration

    Can we run flex fuel plus methanol? Edit: (To make it more clear) For example. Map 1: Pump 91 octane. Map2: Pump 91 octane + Methanol. Map3: Ethanol (Flex-fuel enabled). Map4: Ethanol + Methanol (Flex-fuel enabled).
  4. Transmission oil sump

    That's dust, you see. This is a picture of the cover under the trans.
  5. Transmission oil sump

    Working on installing an exhaust, and I saw oil covering the trans oil sump. Is this normal? I was told it could be coming from the trans breather? should I retorque the bolts, clean, and check again later? or should I just take it to the dealer?
  6. Pure 800 install kit

    I'm sorry, but this picture is worthless.
  7. Pure 800 install kit

    Did you manage to take the pictures?
  8. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    Boost logic + Catless DP is not a civilized exhaust. The valved option is worthless.
  9. Looking for single exit Exhaust and down pipe !! ready to buy!!

    Suprastore and Mapperformance have their own single exit exhausts too.
  10. Boost Logic Exhaust Fitment Problems.

    The small rubber tubes are for the springs. To prevent them from rattling. With how loud this exhaust is, even without inserting the rubber tubes, I doubt you will hear any rattling. :)
  11. NEW!!!! HKS Carbon Ti Dual Turbo Back Exhaust System

    First of all, thank you for considering a single exit exhaust. I've been searching for a single exit exhaust for a while, So far didn't find anything I like. Love the old style exit :thumbsup:. The HKS Carbon/Ti Muffler is a great choice. Make sure to have a joint at the muffler so (if needed)...
  12. Single Exit Exhaust

    I'm also interested in a single exit exhaust.
  13. 2021 6 port pictures

    I am wondering if the aftermarket 2020 downpipe will fit the 21?
  14. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    From your point of view. Do you think the reason for the unequal spreading of meth in the cylinders is from the design of the manifold? Or from the location of the methanol jet? (For example, if we moved the methanol jet further away from the manifold. it has more time to mix with air. Which...
  15. 5 things you love and hate about the car

    No, I'm not from SupraForums. And the only douchebag I see here is you.
  16. 5 things you love and hate about the car

    Things I Hate: Tetsuya Tada Tetsuya Tada Tetsuya Tada The way the car looks at certain angles is just ugly (Especially the front. with these headlights). The horn.