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  1. FS: AWE Non-res touring exhaust w/ 5" chrome tips (Chicago area)

    I absolutely love the exhaust, when in sport mode, it sounds amazing. When not in sport mode and just cruising, it's not much louder than stock. Reason for selling is that I got rid of the car. Got an allocation for a new car coming soon.
  2. FS: AWE Non-res touring exhaust w/ 5" chrome tips (Chicago area)

    The exhaust is now un-installed and ready for pickup or possibly to ship. Price is OBO. These are the pictures I took immediately after taking them off. Will clean up the exhaust before pickup/shipping.
  3. Infotainment Rattle

    I would definitely have the dealer check that out. It would annoy me way too much to just be able to deal with it
  4. Auto Tilt mirror

    This is a common thing on all my previous BMW's. Slide the driver/passenger mirror switch to the other side and the mirror won't tilt down while reversing.
  5. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Ahh okay. I think im getting a little old to know these Vine/Tiktok viral videos. I don't think there are too many of us here who were born in the 80's lol.
  6. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I might be in the minority here, but what is the reference? Is that a..... Supra? Plane?
  7. FS: EWERKS silicone GR SUPRA key fob cover

    Ordered these a few months back when I got lucky to check during a restock. Great condition. 1 of them was never even used and collected some dust. They're currently sold out on the website. Willing to sell the pair for $45 shipped
  8. FS: MST intake + Turbo inlet pipe

    Nice and quick. Sold!
  9. FS: AWE Non-res touring exhaust w/ 5" chrome tips (Chicago area)

    AWE Tuning Touring Non-Resonated Exhaust-GR Supra 20+ SKU: awe3020-32058 Manufacturer: AWE Tuning Tip Color * --- Silver MSRP: $2,114.13 AWE 2020 Toyota Supra A90 Non-Resonated Touring Edition...
  10. FS: MST intake + Turbo inlet pipe

    MST Toyota Supra A90 BMW Z4 (B58 3.0l turbo) Cold Air Intake System + Turbo Inlet Pipe TY-SUP01L 1 $519.00 USD $519.00 USD Got this intake 2 months ago from Extreme Power House on the forum after waiting about 4 weeks for the item to ship. has maybe 500 miles on it. Looks brand new. The...
  11. Supra Community Is Awesome

    This was similar in the Subaru community about 10-12 years ago (before the Vape kids took over). I got a flat before in my old STI, and had a WRX owner randomly drive by and ask if I need a ride or help. The car community in general (with some obvious exceptions) are really good people.
  12. Need advice on buying

    The prices of used cars are insane right now. Carvana is offering me $55,000 for my '21 Supra with 2XXX miles. My dealership said they're willing to give me $56,000 for my Supra if I trade it in for another Toyota, or $54,000 outright. I see a used Supra on Carmax selling for $59,000 and an...
  13. Discounted new Supra’s on Autotrader website…

    I remember when I was looking for a Supra last year, I found a dealer that had it listed for around $52,500. It had every option including the carbon mirror caps, so I thought it was a good deal. Once I talked to them, that price was only available if you went to a 7 year finance deal... with...
  14. Huddleston's 2021 A91 Edition Supra Street Cup Build

    Random question, but is your ExpressRally graphic on the side of your car vinyl? I tried to stick a magnet on my car for a track day and since our doors are aluminum, it didn't work. If it somehow is a magnet, how did you happen to attach it?
  15. I installed the MST v2 CAI last night and it was a nightmare

    I installed the V2 and didn't have problems either. I used a youtube video to give me some tips and just followed that. Took me maybe 45 minutes total
  16. FS: white '21 Supra 3.0 premium (06/20 build) Chicago area. 2000 miles *pics added*

    Sorry it took a bit, all PM's and emails replied too.
  17. Should I trade in my 2020 Supra launch edition for 2022 A91-CF?

    Its basically the same exact car. I would 100% not do that.
  18. Buying used - how many miles is to many?

    This car will last plenty... as long as it has under 100k miles, you're fine.
  19. What's the longest road trip you've taken in Supra?

    I'm definitely jealous of some of you guys living on the west coast / east coast. You guys have a lot of options for some beautiful scenic drives. Besides Chicago... if I drive a few hours in any direction, im just met with corn fields. It's whats really been keeping me from taking any long...