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  1. Anyone using JB4?

    I believe at least the stinger has support to adjust fuel trims. The B58 JB4 doesn't have that. It literally can spoof IATs and adjust the DME's reading of boost, and that's about it. As for @zrk, you just wrote a bunch of nonsense. I will send you $500 if you can get a JB4 to safely make...
  2. Anyone using JB4?

    LOL, the JB4 is programmed with safeties. Without a backend flash (which again is irrelevant here) the DME is using the stock safeties. You clearly haven't fucked with the JB4 enough. Go set absolute targets to 25psi throughout the Rev range and post a log. Jesus Christ help me, I'm arguing...
  3. Anyone using JB4?

    Yeah definitely new to this, JB4 won't allow you to do any of that.
  4. Anyone using JB4?

    I see you're new to this. Can't control timing or fuel, so absolutely not. Also it will give you whatever boost the stock DME thinks is safe, so you can put 25psi across the Rev range and it will ***never ever*** give you that. We're talking locked cars with no BEF because what kind of idiot...
  5. Anyone using JB4?

    If Burger advertises a 100hp gain then they're lying.
  6. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    My buddy was able to read everything on my DME when we were poking around with his ecutek last night. Is that normal for a post 6/20 DME that is supposed to be locked?
  7. Siggs JB4 21 build

    You should do a before and after for downpipe too, lots of people would probably love to see the results. There's a shockingly minimal amount of Dyno runs before and after mods here. Seems most people are just doing before and after tune dynos (which is part of it anyways)
  8. Siggs JB4 21 build

    Who knows if we'll ever get unlocked in a reasonably priced way. My guess is a $5-7k standalone. But yeah, everything but the FSB should still work, but the FSB is a majority of the cost from what I can tell. Post result and get a dyno if possible, this will be a good thread for anyone searching...
  9. Siggs JB4 21 build

    It's still installed, but I have about 13 gallons of M1 left, and no other car to use it on, so it's all still in the car. It's not as simple as disconnecting a few things on order to remove it. Who knows man, maybe you'll see more of a benefit. I just didn't see even a tenth of a second...
  10. Siggs JB4 21 build

    Also another side note, if you can get Map6 dialed in, you'll potentially have issues on track (assuming that's where you're ultimately taking things). The 1 gallon tank (only option with the P2uned bracket) will only last about 20 minutes on a circuit and then you'll have to refill. So you're...
  11. Siggs JB4 21 build

    You're not going to use Map 5 if you're trying to get the most out of the JB4, otherwise it's 100% a waste to do anything beyond a few gallons of e85 per tank. You're going to want to run Map 6 with a custom boost profile and duty cycle, which will require going into user settings remembering...
  12. Siggs JB4 21 build

    The only way you'll get any advantage is to run IAT spoofing, which is flakey and turns off all the time. The platform is not the finished product. You won't see a single degree of IAT difference with WMI from the sensor, the DME won't recognize it either. I'm just passing on the words of...
  13. Siggs JB4 21 build

    You're not understanding. This is with a custom "tune" by a well known JB4 tuner. It has nothing to do with the settings or boost profile. I am running max boost for the turbo before it starts to fall out of efficiency. About 25 tapering down to 22 in the higher RPM range (in 5th gear). Also...
  14. Siggs JB4 21 build

    I got absolutely no benefit from 50/50 wmi and even straight VP M1 methanol. Dragy times were the same or worse. "With E85 WMI doesn't add a lot of power as you already have plenty of octane" -Terry
  15. Siggs JB4 21 build

    You're wasting your money going with ethanol and WMI. Ask me how I know. (And after I bought and installed both, Terry said combining them doesn't make more power)
  16. Car excessively burning oil?

    I last topped up my oil at about 4500 miles. It was on course to burn a quart every thousand miles. From 4500-5700 miles, I've done about an hour of hard HPDE time at Virginia International Raceway, and had countless plumes of smoke out the exhaust just driving around... Oil level still full.
  17. Pollen Invasion

  18. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Instead of trying to break the encryption, would it be easier to overwrite the eprom chips with the unencrypted 2020 code and then the only issue would be the immobilizer, right? I would imagine finding a workaround for that would be easier than breaking encrypted code. Obviously some tweaks to...
  19. DO NOT Buy A Steering Wheel From "VQCarbonCustoms"

    Maybe the photos hide it, but that looks just like mine and I have zero complaints. If you put that wheel on and are that upset... Don't modify your car and be happy with what you have. Seriously.
  20. BREAKING NEWS: RPM Act Reintroduced for 2021

    Signed, it won't pass, and if it does I doubt anything will change, just more forms to sign to waive liability from the parts supplier.