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  1. Launch Edition Interior

    Do you not see the base? that base is way taller then the Supra by at least 3 inches if not 4 which you stated.
  2. Launch Edition Interior

    It won't fit because that car is a sedan while the Supra is a Sports Car. On Other Words, the sedan is a higher seating position and if you look at the base it's too tall, you'll be through the roof, the only possiblity is to remove the seat somehow and use the base from the original Supra, so...
  3. Anyone else keeping their Supra bone stock?

    I keeping mine bone stock it's my Daily Driver
  4. TD Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler New

    You get a return option/buyer protection though and that's worth something to some people.
  5. Supra Floor Mats

    It really shouldn't be hard for them if you think about it, it's just mirrior images.
  6. Leather repair

    I'm in Newport Beach California, there is one bad thing about my wheel though, when we removed it we have to puncture it with a flat head screw driver and there is a chunk of the rubberplastic missing on the backside. But from the front it's totally in a good shape.
  7. Leather repair

    Yea I switched my wheel to red, so I don't need the blackone anymore, so you can totally take it off my hands. My Girlfriend would be glad to clear up the garage any little amount/bit.
  8. Leather repair

    You can have my steering wheel for free, just pay shipping :)
  9. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past / 2022 Nissan Z Leaked with Specs

    I totally phrased that wrong I meant 350Z I didn't like the 350Z big difference, on my mistake. Sorry about that.
  10. Oil change at dealership question

    Well I will say that my friend did his own oil change, but forgot to put the drain plug in when he poured in the "new" oil. I think you know what happened next.... So I wouldn't say it's easy anyone can do it :p
  11. Oil change at dealership question

    As an owner of the MKIV for as many years as I've owned it and now owning the MKV. I found this thread to be quite a funny, it gave me a good chuckle.
  12. New Nissan Z Proto looks to the future, inspired by its past / 2022 Nissan Z Leaked with Specs

    If I was in the Nissan Family I'd hands down get a GT-R over this if I couldn't afford a GT-R I would get an R32 over this. Just not a fan I wasn't a fan of the 300Z, the 350Z or the 370 and now this. In fact it's a damn good thing I hated the 300Z it's one of the main reasons on how I ended up...
  13. Renaissance Red GR Supra

    Welcome to the forums I'm in Irvine just north of you! Hope to see and your Supra around at some point :)
  14. WeatherTech Floor Mats

    I'll take them let me know where and how to send payment.
  15. Launch Edition Interior

    Sure here you go: I tried to show the bottom that has the red paint and I'm a launch edition. I haven't changed the seats yet but plan to go with BMW Carbon Bucket Seats
  16. Launch Edition Interior

    I recently converted my Red Launch Edition to a Red Launch Edition Intrerior. I know too much red, but I frankly don't have a problem with it because well black is kinda boring. While in the process of installing the trunk door I ended up breaking the button. Luckly the button is about 30...
  17. What is everyone's Daily Driver/ Other car?

    I too probably would have gotten one or a GT4 Celica if I still lived in Upper Arlington Ohio, I since moved to California so I could daily my sport cars, lol! I just got too depressed in Columbus.
  18. MKV Mary's Supra

    Hey Mary this is Bryan, I think we've spoken a few times on Insta. Hope the install went well and you got the results you were looking for. I'm still trying to decide what mods to do to mine as mine is just a Daily Driver so I'm still slow to dip my toes in.
  19. What is everyone's Daily Driver/ Other car?

    I daily the following: My 2020 MKV Supra Launch Edition 27k miles right now since I got it in September of 2019, lol. Drove it to Big Bear here for a mid week mid day bike ride, which was alot of fun. In the What did you do with your Supra thread, I sadly stated that she got keyed by some punk...