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  1. 2.0 Supra Swap wheels to 3.0

    Swap the whole engine too while you’re at it.
  2. WTB: Launch Edition / A91 Wheels and Tires

    $1600? Post that in the Miami Supra WhatsApp chat so you can get laughed at. Like double too much when people selling the 2 toned for $500-$600.
  3. What Mods Do and Do Not Void the Warranty?

    Just buy a ‘21 if you don’t want to void your warranty. It’ll kill the itch because cuz the suckers can’t be tuned to get full power from the mods anyways lmao. Inb4 “b-but they’ll CrAcK tHe EcU SoON.” I work with a system cracking smart phone lock codes for evidentiary purposes. A 10 digit...
  4. Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors on EBAY

    Like I said, it’s all rebranded here anyways. Look at the rexspeed v1/v2 lip spoiler for like $425-$500. It’s literally the same eBay lip spoiler from Taiwan for $250. Same markings at the bottom and everything when you flip it inside out. Enjoy wasting your money on “name brand” when shit is...
  5. Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors on EBAY

    It’s a $50,000 car. Nobody can tell the difference. RexSpeed and other brands buy the same shit and rebrand it, and mark up the price. My eBay lip has been going strong for months and people with 2-3x pricier “name brand” shit has had their cracked or not fitting well. Even if I had a lambo...
  6. Thoughts on this 3.0 Premium Deal

    Koons or Jerry’s near Baltimore? Lmao they wised up then cuz everyone kept coming there to buy Supra’s from out of state cuz they were so cheap. 49.5K OTD last year for a ‘20 with NC taxes.
  7. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    Yeah I also hear they’re getting rid of the BMW drivetrain and releasing the 3JZ with the V170 manual 6 speed but only in the A92 versions. It’ll come 1100 stock whp to beat the A80 1000 stock whp. All other 2022s have the B58.
  8. TD Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler New

    Why you selling this for what more than it costs on eBay? It’s $250 shipped there.
  9. Do you need a tune with Pure800 turbo?

    They physically fit on the car but your ECU won’t recognize it without a tune. Your car will be throwing codes left and right and you’ll possibly blow your engine. Do some more research on this platform before even considering a tune dude. You can look at your ECU for now to see if it’s...
  10. Found a 2021 with only 36 miles, but has sat awhile at the dealer

    I paid 49500 OTD for my 20 when then 21s were almost out. (Toyota had like a $3500 rebate and $750 military discount though at the time). Invoice is like 48500. These cars are gonna sit for ever like that one let them know that. Plus the 2022s will come out by August.
  11. 2021 GR Supra 3.0 tuning question

    You’re gonna want bimmerlink anyways for the coding. Pony up the $32 it’s a $50000 car lol. Definitely do not put the pipe in until at least the 1200 miles. Oil consumption issues are going on in the ‘21 and if they see you were fucking with the downpipe they may deny you warranty claims.
  12. Painting the stock rims ?

    Prismatic Powders I think, if it’s a brand. That’s what their website says.
  13. Catless DP going on soon - stick w/ OEM exhaust?

    I stuck with the OEM exhaust it’s the right amount of loud now. And if I wanna cruise around I just leave it on comfort mode. No drone, no nothing. It’s just right. Just put the DP in first and see how you like it.
  14. Painting the stock rims ?

    Got the Bronze Chrome in. Pics in shade and sunlight. I think it’s a shade darker than @Burberr23 but it’s just what I was going for.
  15. Painting the stock rims ?

    Thanks bro I’m gonna get it done and we will see how it looks on red
  16. Painting the stock rims ?

    Quoted $700 for powder coating, balancing, storage and taking them off too.
  17. Painting the stock rims ?

    What’s that color called? I’m taking that pic to powder coat in Miami
  18. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    Koons Westminster sold me a 3.0 Premium for $49500 OTD. 2020, last August as the 21s were coming in September. But they were tired of negotiating with me for 6 hours. They got pissed off at the end when I forgot my military discount and it came down even further 😂
  19. flash ECU back to stock?

    On the ECUtek mobile app there's a feature to adjust the burbles. It might work if you plug in your dongle and use a bluetooth connection to your phone then open up the app.