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  1. Shout out to Josh from Meraki Autoworks

    You have a sound clip of the Borla on the MKV Supra? AWE has a lot of discussions on this site and seems like it also has great sound. Did Josh recommend Borla over AWE?
  2. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the A90 Supra. Available now.

    @Dave/AWE - thanks for your reply, but i think you misunderstood my question. ASD is Active Sound Design which is a feature that pumps artificial engine sound into the car's cabin. It's functional well enough but still not the real exhaust note. So with an after-market exhaust that is better...
  3. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the A90 Supra. Available now.

    So I have one question - do you recommend disabling ASD after installing after market exhaust or not? I figured with a better (real) sound from the after market exhaust, there is no need to keep ASD activated. Thanks.
  4. EPS & Safety System Failure

    Glad to hear your issue had been fixed. So it sounds like a no-kidding system failure instead of battery issue that I had surmised. Good to know! What did you mean by the EPS rack?
  5. Approved Toyota mods

    A service advisor once told me that the dealership has to eat the cost of warranty repair if the solution does not fix the problem. For this reason, the first thing they will try to do is to "diagnose" it to be your fault. This way, it's all on you (right or wrong solution), and they don't...
  6. EPS & Safety System Failure

    @consultadrone - thanks for the tip. I think the caution is for people who connect charger directly between red/blk on their battery. Mine is connected between red and chassis. There is a big @ss wire from chassis to battery blk terminal, which should provide enough inductance to prevent high...
  7. EPS & Safety System Failure

    Sorry to alarm you. This is normal. Right after starting, the battery is somewhat drained. Mine shows 12.1V right after starting, and I disconnected the charger 5 minutes prior. I am curious as to what the diagnosis for your issues will be.
  8. EPS & Safety System Failure

    Not to belabor the point but battery voltage doesn't tell the whole story. Also not saying that it is DEFINITELY the battery. Mine was acting up with error messages on the LSD and driver assistance features when voltage showed 12.3V. I use my Radar Detector display to watch the vehicle's...
  9. EPS & Safety System Failure

    Gentlemen - I believe your batteries are low on juice. All the error messages you showed require battery power to operate properly. I had issue with battery 1 week after picking up mine. The message is "reduced functionality of the LSD" or something to that extent. Get those batteries...
  10. Supra, Android phones and Text

    I'm not even getting that experience. Text message is completely non-functional in my head unit. What Android phone do you have? OS version?
  11. Supra, Android phones and Text

    I need to do a quick poll before making an iPhone purchase. How many of you with an Android phone that have successfully received a text messages through your head unit while driving? Successful text message means your phone receives a text while driving. The head unit then notifies you of...
  12. BIMMERCode User Guide

    Thanks to @stacyoz for the manual. I follow his write up and coded the message display. To my chagrin, it still doesn't do anything. Not even an alert that I have a text message. Tested it with my son sitting next to me and texted me. The phone beep (incoming text) but the car was dead...
  13. Impressions/Review: AWE Touring Catback

    Thanks Dave for the informative reply. Will the non-resonated (with OEM DP) announce my coming and going to my neighbors? Keep in mind when I am on my street I am crawling at 20 mph. The non-resonated sound clip in the video in this thread sounds so good but I am concerned it may be too much...
  14. Impressions/Review: AWE Touring Catback

    Can one switch between resonated and non-resonated touring exhaust from AWE? In other words, what if I bought the resonated one and still want more of that deep rumble? Can I switch to a non-resonated set up then (without buying another complete set)? And vice versa.
  15. I had a 2020 for a year, and now I have a 2021. A List of Different Stuff.

    Of all the auto experts on this forum I am surprised no one had picked up on the point above. Toyota increased the HP but not the torque for 2021. What the driver feels is mostly torque. So i doubt that 21 MY is faster. It probably would give you higher top speed which is not legal for an...
  16. Reactions, Comments, Attention & Fun Stories with your new Supra

    Bought mine in June 2020 and these are my experiences: - Challenged by a Scat Pack 10 miles after picking it up - declined - Challenged by a Lancer Evo same day as Scat Pack challenge - declined - Numerous stares, thumbs up and people taking picture - Numerous drivers keep close to me for some...
  17. Arizona Supra Club

    Precision has a turbulence gray in their showroom last week. They waxed it so good you can see yourself in it. LOL. Been driving my matte gray in the rain and it hides all the dirt quite well. Glad i didn't get a shiny black one!
  18. Supra Coding Step By Step

    FYI - reprogram the car draws a lot of juice from the battery. If you're not driving it a lot, I strongly suggest a charger when not driven or during reprogram. Look for battery charger thread in this forum to find out what's recommended.
  19. RS3

    FWIW, I turned off the ASD shortly after getting my Supra, but coincidentally I turned it back on this week because … it's too quiet without it. And I'm someone who likes quiet cars. The sound is amazing when you hit it hard (above 4000 rpm)
  20. Sport vs normal mode?

    I drive in Normal most of the time and really marvel at how civilized a performance car is. Only put it in Sport to hear it crackle and rev match (eargasm). It's a waste of gas to be in Sport in the city because you can't go faster than the guy in front of you, IMO. I'm done with weaving...