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  1. FS: Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps - EXCELLENT CONDITION!!! W/ XPEL PPF!!!

    How come you are selling them?
  2. Pacific North West Roll Call!

    @romanLegion9574 Are you going to that premeet? If so, I can totally meet you there since it’s not even 4 miles from my place. I’m ordering an M badge to put on my trunk this weekend to fully embrace the joke lol
  3. Pacific North West Roll Call!

    I got you! It’s this Saturday.
  4. Pacific North West Roll Call!

    Anyone planning on going to the Leavenworth Drive? 😂 Not gonna lie I’m considering it hahah
  5. What's the longest road trip you've taken in Supra?

    Drove 1800 miles in 28 hours with no issues 👍🏾
  6. Brand new Valentine v1 gen 2 radar detector

    Damn I just ordered an Escort Redline 360c too… this is a hell of a deal if you’re not trying to get caught speeding.
  7. Pacific North West Roll Call!

    I’m in 😎
  8. PNW Sightings Thread

    I also thought the mirror caps were a nice touch 😁
  9. PNW Sightings Thread

    Thank you! I was eyeing all the awesome mods you’ve done to yours - your build is really clean. We should meet up with Loco38SUP one of these weekends and go for a cruise!
  10. PNW Sightings Thread

    Saw my first MK5 on my way to Seattle today!! Picture courtesy of my in-laws that were driving behind us. Is the owner of the white one on here by chance?
  11. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the battery was completely dead when I went for my test drive. No one around knew how to jump the car (or even open the hood) so I had to wait almost an hour for them to call someone into the dealer that actually knew anything about Supra’s. They really don’t know...
  12. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    I wouldn’t recommend going to Michael’s in Bellevue. They don’t deserve your business. When I was shopping for mine, they were my first trip as they had a red Launch Edition I was seriously considering getting. The car was listed as having 5,929 miles (in fact, it still is). It actually has...
  13. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Not sure if you’re still looking. But I’m in the Seattle area and flew to Iowa to get a good deal on one lol 😂
  14. What did you do to your Supra today?

    This is slick! Where’d you order it from?

    Highly recommend STEK. Can’t even tell it has PPF and the quality of the hydrophobic finish is unparalleled.
  16. Supra Sessions Meet & Greet! April, 25th 2021

    I will see you around sometime soon then 👍🏾
  17. Supra Sessions Meet & Greet! April, 25th 2021

    Me too, I have yet to see another Supra on the road. :(
  18. Supra Sessions Meet & Greet! April, 25th 2021

    Right!! Couldn’t make it out this last weekend due to a family emergency. But very much looking forward to the next meet. My MKV will be staying stock for the foreseeable future but so dope to see all the modded ones 👀
  19. Can Anyone Recommend a Service Center? (WA)

    Was this Michael’s Toyota in Bellevue?