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  1. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Why not do a before and after dyno to add more credit to its potential? -RJM
  2. Any recommendations for body shops on the Eastside? (Seattle area)

    No F’n way!! That’s a brand-new car. I feel for you Bro. Please take your car to Collision Masters in Kirkland. These guys are top notch and do all the body repairs for Lexus and Toyota. They’re busy but they make sure your vehicle is done right with OEM parts. -RJM
  3. Pacific Raceways WA Complimentary HPDE

    I haven’t heard anything about Pacific Raceways hosting the NASA events for us. Are you planning on doing any of ProForma Racing Classes? -RJM
  4. Car excessively burning oil?

    I thought colors of that type on exhaust tips was an indication of fuel additives in the gas. -RJM
  5. Extreme Burbles with tuning

    If you get an EcuTek tune you can turn them off completely with your phone anytime you want. I only turn mine on for party tricks. 😂 -RJM
  6. Did I get ripped off on extended warranty?

    There is nothing wrong with extended warranties. You just don’t need them at vehicle purchase. Wait until your factory warranty is about to expire, if you feel there will be benefit to getting one at that point then by all means purchase one. For now just use the extra cash to get mods and...
  7. Extreme Burbles with tuning

    Any post cat detonation is usually from passing extra fuel and spark on deceleration. I’m sure its not the best for your exhaust system long term but hey the “Cool Factor” is worth it. 😁 -RJM
  8. HPDE in two weeks, still on break-in oil

    I vote to change it. You’ve passed the break-in mileage. There is no need to keep it in there. Fresh oil for the track is always a good way to start the event. If you can take a sample for a Blackstone oil analysis that’s even better. -RJM
  9. Verus AOS Consensus? (It work?)

    The theory is sound and it looks cool but its more of a conversation piece on the B58. -RJM
  10. Huddleston's 2021 A91 Edition Supra Street Cup Build

    It looks like it was inspired by the original test mules. -RJM
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    70’s babies are the best generation. Old enough to know what hard physical labor is. Also that climbing trees was for fun and not a Tree Hugging violation. Growing up in the 80’s was a culture icon’s dream. They also made their own toys and entertainment. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a...
  12. What Mods Do and Do Not Void the Warranty?

    This thread is taking the fun out of owning a Supra. Can the bean counters dial it back a little?!? 🤣 -RJM
  13. Passenger Door Handle Paint Repair?

    If it was me I would use a paint pen then put Stek PPF over it. I bet no one would ever find it. The windshield on the other hand is a total WTF. Did they clean the glass with 50 grit sand papee?!? -RJM
  14. Passenger Door Handle Paint Repair?

    Here are what mine look like. You can’t see the lines unless you’re 6 inches away. I figured they might as well get covered since I was doing the whole door. -RJM
  15. Official NOCTURNAL BLACK Supra Club Thread

    Any luck with finding a new owner for that sweet shiny Supra? If I had the cash I would buy it today! -RJM
  16. Official NOCTURNAL BLACK Supra Club Thread

    Is that a Supra with Blizzaks?!? -RJM
  17. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Did you put the GR Snake Oil back in or step up to something better? -RJM
  18. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Pics of that beast? It’s a carbon fiber monster! -RJM
  19. Pacific North West Roll Call!

    Thanks for the links guys. I’m tied up this weekend with High School graduations. It should be a fun trip with 750+ cars attending. Be sure to post some pics if you go. -RJM
  20. Tuning Locked ECU's Post 6/2020

    I just watched the video and yes they did make something happen on the iDrive system but does that actually mean they can tune the vehicle? I guess it would have been better to see the before and after on a dyno to truly believe it. Also if they’re thinking to secure some Intellectual Property...