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  1. Advan GT Wheels, claims yours NOW!

    10.5 come in +32.
  2. Audio upgrade options

    @Tsuki is there a way you can power it up and measure the rms power. @jorligan did you end up with an extra center k2?
  3. Work Wheels Japan (Custom Fitment for You)

    Do you happen to have tire specs on the OP gray car.
  4. Verus heat shield for 2021 6-port is now available

    Will it fit stock location upgraded turbos?
  5. Emergency call system battery

    I think you should have had Apple Car Play from the dealer.
  6. Audio upgrade options

    Glad to hear @dazza, So I needed up visiting my local audio shop for a consultation. Based off of what we discussed we will be doing the following: Mobridge MOST25 Center channel delete Focal K2's (ES 100 K) in front. Installed as a 2-way active setup utilizing the first 4 channels of the...
  7. Audio upgrade options

    Thats interesting. If you look at the bavsound speakers even the image shows different speakers front and rear...
  8. Audio upgrade options

    I believe the K4E is the larger basket that is used for the rears. The K4M is the smaller basket for the doors.
  9. Audio upgrade options

    So got some answers back from mObridge: The MOST25 8.1.1 amp has 6 channels @ 100W RMS @ 4ohms can be bridged. The 2x 200W RMS @ 4ohms can also be bridged but internally they are bridged already but can be doubled again. The 300W RMS @ 4ohms is already fully bridged. This amp will be the...
  10. Improving OE Door Speaker Clarity and Depth

    Any reason why you didn't go with the Focal Inside IS BMW 100? more of a drop in solution.
  11. IND | 3D Design A90 Supra Carbon Paddle Set DIY

    My "replacement set" also wiggled so I ended up using epoxy to secure them to their plastic housings.
  12. Audio upgrade options

    @mObridge I did see the review and the reviewer mentioned different specs. I also called sales for this and he didn't mention that price and also mentioned these are most likely peak power numbers being advertised. The link to Technic never really works, you'll need to add details on how to get...
  13. Audio upgrade options

    I wonder if a Technic PNP harness could solve this too?
  14. Audio upgrade options

    Thanks @mObridge. Are these specs real (rms)? 6x 175W Channels @ 4ohms 2x 300W Channels @ 4ohms 1x 500W Subwoofer Channel @ 4ohms (or 1000W @ 2 Ohms) 1x 4V RMS pre-out Will you provide the necessary harness to keep it plug and play? What would this cost?
  15. Audio upgrade options

    I have done my research and found the below components to be what I'll need for my audio system replacement. Audison bit DMI (replaces factory amp) Audison APF8.9 bit (will install between the subs, or within the driver side cavity of the trunk.) Audison APBMW K4E (2-way passive fronts)...
  16. Improving OE Door Speaker Clarity and Depth

    Got around to doing this. I think it made an improvement. Been enjoying the stock system little more recently. I had left over Noico that I applied over the dynamat as well for a little more insulation.
  17. A90 Subwoofer - Any And All Info Pertaining To Subs

    Just return them you got a 100 day trial.
  18. AMS large core intake manifold.

    Can't wait. What do you think this would cost?
  19. Which catted DP sounds best

    The 2021 models are in fact more quiet.