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  1. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    I guess my complaining to Toyota did actually work, lol!! I was so bummed I didn’t get the book. I truly loved the car so if I can’t get a good chunk of change I will just keep the books! I’ll buy another Oneday, just needed 4 doors for now
  2. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    I purchased mine in December of last year. It’ll be a while! And it was only for launch edition cars I believe
  3. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Hey guys. Got a random shipment notification from “printing division” today that has “SUP” in the part number. Thinking this may be my launch edition booklet? Sad because I’ve already sold the car :( anyone else get the same tracking?
  4. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Hey guys. I’ve sold my supra but I just got a random fed ex tracking from “printing division” out of Texas that has “sup” in the part number. Does this line up with anyone else’s launch edition shipment info?
  5. Sold!

  6. Sold!

    just seeing this. I am in Lafayette Louisiana. PM me!
  7. Sold!

  8. Sold!

    Still have them
  9. Sold!

    Only 2. I was using them on the rear with Te37.
  10. Sold!

    I have hub rings and hangar studs that will go with them. The edge is scratched because of the guy who mounted them. I’d take 3200. wheels cost me 3400 tires cost me 1600 there is maybe 1000 miles on them
  11. Sold!

  12. Sold!

    I will clean them soon and post better pics. Dealing with hurricane clean up right now
  13. Sold!

    Would prefer local pickup only, shipping will be too costly on me unless buyer handles it completely.
  14. Sold

    Both sold! Thanks
  15. Sold!

    Both SOLD!!! Thanks guys!
  16. Sold!

    Pure800 is sold. Still have downpipe up for grabs!
  17. Sold!

    4 months after I bought the car we got pregnant and are having a 2nd child soon so I need 4 doors. Decided to get an rs3. I love the supra! It just wouldn’t be practical going forward!
  18. Sold

    Selling my supra. Looking to get $150 plus shipping obo for both. Will provide pics to interested buyers
  19. Sold!

    Selling my supra. Have Ecutek hardware to tune the car. Asking $250 obo shipped