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  1. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    Maybe I've missed a later update, but I think people misunderstood the big 2025 announcement years ago. The plan is for every vehicle in the lineup to have a hybrid or electric option available. There can still be a gas Supra, but a hybrid version would also be available. The end is near...
  2. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    I'm still here hoping something pushes me over the edge to get one instead of taking a risk on a 996/997. I'd take a 911 pretty much no question over the Supra, but the potential bore scoring and crazy cost of a rebuild have me looking at Supras. I don't think Chris Harris is that far off on...
  3. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    I assume that 964 will bring you quite a profit if you bought it 12 years ago. It looks great. I'd love to have one, but just can't justify the price these days.
  4. Toyota Reveals SEMA Build GR Supra Sport Top

    Didn't buy one last year because I heard this year they were getting more power. Now I'm waiting to see if there will be a manual next year. Now after this I'll be waiting to see if there's a Targa coming the year after. Maybe I'll finally get one the last year of production when they actually...
  5. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    Can't wait for his review on the 2021 model in 5 years. I wonder if he'll have more breaking news about BMW logos being found on various parts of the car.
  6. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    At this rate I almost feel like we should expect a Targa for 2023. As bad as I want Refraction Blue I'm waiting to see if I can get a manual and what else comes next. Would be nice if someone could clue us in on color options for next year though... seems like we knew about the blue early last...
  7. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    Yeah I'm interested to see where that goes. Hoping they do something cool.
  8. Is a manual transmission in the cards for the new Supra?

    I'm expecting Toyota to come out with a new FJ to compete, but it will have 200hp, a CVT, no lockers and street tires.
  9. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    Ah I see. That's interesting. Probably why they introduced the 118hp hybrid model to get people ready for it. Exactly.
  10. News Update and Discussion on Next-gen A100 Supra

    The irrational need for an I6 is what got us a BMW sourced car. I know I said it years ago on here, but I'm sure if Nissan had asked fans of the Skyline if the next GTR should have an I6 or a V6 they would have said a Skyline MUST have an I6 and lost their minds at the idea of a V motor in a...
  11. Owner Review: Supra vs. my exes (911, Cayman, M2, Type R)

    @Brandonanix Have you had a 996 or 997? I think I would prefer them to the 991, but you're taking a step back in time on the tech side of things of course. I try to talk myself into one of those over a Supra, but the bore scoring fears have kept me away so far.
  12. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    Well that's pretty strong evidence.
  13. 3D Design Reveals Supra A90 Kit

    Can we please get past the fad of blacking out the roof on every car? It really doesn't work with the Supra.
  14. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    Pretty incredible dodging here, I have to say. This must serve you well in whatever line of work you're in given your list of cars, so well done. If you have a different starting point for your argument, fill us in. This is what I see as kicking this whole discussion off:
  15. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    I don't know where you're getting the boost pressure numbers, but that's fine because you're absolutely right in terms of compression/boost/power. Just want to see if you still think the dyno chart is flawed.
  16. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    Well, guess we'll see. No point in continuing a conversation about dyno numbers if you refuse to accept the proven dyno numbers.
  17. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    What are your thoughts on the above dyno chart contradicting your entire argument and resultant lashing out at "smart asses" on Jesus H Fucking Christ car forums?
  18. Did they make the new builds quieter? Just got mine. No crackles.

    It's dumb, but those pops make the car a lot of fun in my opinion. I know others disagree, but hopefully it's easy enough to get them back in the 2021 cars.
  19. Official 2021 Supra MPG: 22 City / 30 Highway / 25 Combined

    You don't see the contradiction in what you're saying? I mean I'm ok with it, doesn't really matter. Still though, my facts are straight, I'm telling you what the perception was. If you don't wanna accept that then cool, but let's not start putting random words in quotes for no reason. Things...
  20. Official 2021 Supra MPG: 22 City / 30 Highway / 25 Combined

    You said you wouldn't care if the car got 40mpg or 10mpg and that others shouldn't buy a sports car if that matters. I would absolutely not buy the car if it got 10mpg so I guess I should buy a Prius. That basically seemed to be your point. No, 1mpg doesn't matter.